The Baby sitters club by Ann M. Martin V.S. 3 willows by Ann Brashares. By zanna inGram

The babysitters club tells the individual stories of 4 best friends and the struggles they each go through, while keeping with the same topic throughought the book
3 Willows tells the story of 3 old best friends who are drifting apart. They each part ways during the summer, but eventually find their way back to each other, even though it's not in the most happy way.
How they are the same: both books include stories of a group of friends in their teen years. Both books have the clear moral of "make new friends but keep the old." Both books tell about how you might not always like change, but in the end, it's necessary to make your life better. The genre of the books is relatively the same, as both are "coming of age" stories. Also, both of the authors have the same first name!
How they are different: the babysitters club narrator is one person, while in 3 willows each of the three girls tells a different part of the story. The setting of the books is very different, and the characters are older in 3 willows. The babysitters club is a book geared more towards elementary aged readers while 3 willows is definitely a book for older girls.
Overall review: I loved both of the books, and if you read the babysitters club (or any of the other books in the series, or series spin-offs) I definitely recommend 3 willows.

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