Jeremy Scheller Art Presentation and perspective analysis

"Entangled Orchestra" - Paper, Sharpie
"Brace For Impact" - Wire, Wood, Pant, Sand
"Geometric Flowering" - Canvas, Colored Paper
"Chromatic Spin" - Canvas, Paint
"Sunset Grayscale" - Paper, Sharpie, Pencil

Perpsective Analysis - In order to complete emphasis using rule of thirds, I positioned my "Agracorp" building on an intersection of interest. I also placed lights on the side of the building in order to provide a contrast in value compared to the other buildings on that side of the street.

Form was used in order to create the illusion of three dimensional buildings. Value was used in order to provide an appropriate sense of light hitting the buildings during sunset, and to further the illusion of form in some areas such as the pedway. Line was used in almost every aspect of this work. It formed the buildings, was used on the crosswalk and signs, to form letters, and much more.

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