Jamoy Pacific & Sanjit minecraft project by jamoy

Here we have a room that leeds up to upstairs which is empty but has you can see our variton in the colors and at the end of the stairs we have a little water fall and if you look closely you can see that the satir chase has a modern effect to it

Here we have a cool feature that i added which was a rain that went through the names and most of the house and it does not have an end it a endless rolorcoster ride

Here we have my name has you can see i used two different color blocks which was purple and green an in order to form my name i had to do it in a way that i did not like then remove the blocks

Right here we have the AMERICAN flag because even tho none of us aren't born AMERICANS its where we are now and we are all proud

Right here we have Jamoy's country flag which is Jamaica and in order to build it we had to use 3 different color blocks to form my country's flag

here we have pacific country i don't know has much about it so you will have to check his project for more information about it now i could tell you that we use four different blocks and we form it into his flag

Here we have pacific's name and i did not help him at all but it was quite impressive it even looks better than mine i liked his variation in the colors it looks good

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