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Delivering supercar technology to the everyday driving enthusiast

The aftermarket for automotive parts has thrived for decades. However, with the advent of affordable sensors, increasingly capable stock vehicles, and tightening regulations, the market is moving from a focus on arbitrarily improving performance to a focus on measuring performance and skill. Ion’s patent pending product ecosystem represents the most user-friendly, powerful, and innovative solution to the new demands of a $7 billion market.

The Problem

Driving enthusiasts place a high value on figures and data relating to their vehicle's performance. However, current data-logging systems are difficult to use, overly expensive, and fail to present important data to drivers in real time.

ION Solution

Ion Group is developing a first-of-its-kind standalone, sensor-based software and hardware ecosystem that measures, processes, and clearly communicates to drivers a diverse array of data points in real time. Ion's products improve performance, safety, and driving enjoyment.

In development is a processing unit with sensors and a touchscreen GUI (similar to a tablet) and a wide array of wireless, stick-on/peel-off sensors. Sensor data will be processed and communicated to drivers through either the GUI, proprietary wearable devices, or both. Examples of sensor data include: acceleration; apex distance; braking; drag; ground clearance; lap time; oversteer angle; current horsepower usage; tire temperature; body roll and much more.

Not only will the Ion unit be capable of reading massive amounts of sensor data while communicating in real time, it will store and collect data for back logging and benchmarking. Also in development in conjunction with our wireless technology is a communication aspect of each unit, all units being connected and able to broadcast data and communicate in real time.

Target Market

Ion's main market segment will be males, 16-40, who identify with car culture. These individuals can often be identified by their vehicles: modified imports, muscle cars with sports exhaust systems, and, as they settle into their careers, European sports cars. They prioritize car-related investments above all else, are keenly interested in their driving skills, and hope to recreate the supercar experience using aftermarket products.

Business Model

Ion's product ecosystem features a base unit and a wide array of complementary units that enhance the base unit's utility. So, Ion will employ a variant of the freebie marketing model, whereby the base unit is sold at a lower margin to increase demand for complementary units. Similar complementary units will be bundled. Ion will also explore sponsorship for certain data points, and plans to license its GUI to race leagues, TV, and video games.

Customer Segments

Ion's customers will usually belong to one or more of the following segments:

  • Sports car owners
  • Weekend tuners
  • Club racers
  • Track day participants
  • Drifters
  • Autocrossers
  • Collectors
  • Professional motor sports leagues

Sales and Marketing

In addition to online ads and a presence at events, Ion will produce high-quality, long-form YouTube content that showcases product utility while also providing entertainment value. For example, one series of videos will use Ion sensors to compare the performance of 2 vehicles being subjected to a gamut of creative tests. Ion's position as a technical leader, along with continuous product releases and revisions, will encourage customer loyalty.


Ion's closest competition comes in the form of race data loggers. These devices record racing metrics, but instead of providing real-time feedback, simply store data to a memory card or HDD for later review. Data undergoes minimal processing and can therefore be very difficult to interpret without formal training. These devices have a narrow market, as they require multiple laps around a track in order to provide context for the recorded data.

Competitive Advantage

Ion Group is a first mover within the market for advanced, real-time telemetry, and as such, has a broad provisional patent that includes the most scalable and user-friendly iteration of the concept.

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