First day home with Nao Doga aKalin

Nao is a fully programmable humanoid robot that has been imaged and manufactured by Aldebaran robotics. Nao is sold for $9,500 and can walk, talk, look, dance, sing he can even climb a ladder.

How it all began

NAO is a high tech research robot that began in 2005 he was created in 15 years of hard work by aldebaran robotics

Welcome home Nao

If u got a NAO and exited to make him work read the following.

Unboxing Nao

NAO comes carefully packaged in a large box take him out carefully by his body never let the box get wet or your NAO may get damaged in there.

Charging your Nao

locate the nao's charging area in nao's back plug the charger and wait about 30-1 hour for a full charge.

First time turn on

When Nao is turned on he will look at where noises are coming from. You can turn on NAO using the button on his chest. And if NAO is on his feet he will get up if he is sitting down he will stay seated.


NAO has a advanced software to begin Download choreagraphe and touch the connect button the great NAO means Nao qi is running the red means it is not running and a NAO icon with dots means that this nao is a simulated fake robot. this is all for the bacics.

Soccer stars

You may think NAO is just a robot. But no he is more than that NAO can play soccer like a pro in 2010 he won robocup a chalk he were robots play games and try to win .

the head is not were it belongs is it

Nao's head can come off. Carefully locate the 2 points on the bottom of the head and push the 2 clicked in laches out.

NEVER TAKE OF NAO's head when he is on he will probably burn or break.

Burning hot motors

NAO gets really hot so don't leave him on for too long or he may start to smoke probably after 5-7 hours of continuous play. If Nao's light turns yellow this means he is either hot or there is a warning


Nao robots come in 6 different colors so there is lots to choose from Red, black, blue, dark blue, orange, gray. But NAO robots on eBay are so much colorful some people get special paint and paint there NAO's in green maybe purple. Sorry all of u that like pink out there but NAO does not come in pink.

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