E3-E4 Portfolio Cody Jenkins

THE TRIP by Cody Jenkins - Just an average day at least I think it is, so me and my pack Yung Slump Wolf, Yung dagger Wolf, 21 Wolf, Travis Wolf, Lil Wolfy, Rocky Wolf, Wolf Wid Da Hoodie, Ugly Wolf, Lamar Wolfem, Kodak Wolf, we all just viben around duh woods you know bicken back being bool. After a while of just viben around the woods we got a lil hungry so we started looking around for food and we spotted a patch of plants we mobbed over to the plants they smelled hella wack but we didn’t care so we just started eating all of the plants. The next thing we know the sky is changing colors the trees were talking to us, one of the trees looked at me and said you’re in the wrong part of the woods yung blood. Me and the pack mob out of their territory but as soon as we leave the trees this little penguin comes mobbing up to my squad saying you best be getting your hairy A** out of here, so I look over and lil wolfy ask me what’s going on and I told him I have no idea I’ve never seen a penguin in my life we look back and the penguin was gone but all of a sudden the ground starts flying up and the sky is falling and we all started howling. Then out of nowhere it stops and we all look at each other like let’s get out of here, so we start running and far away we spotted a big tunnel so I yelled to the tunnel, and we all mobbed to the tunnel but it was really dark and I said I can’t see in there its too dark, but Kodak wolf comes up and says hold up bruh I got this I got that tunnel vision. Kodak was leading the pack into the tunnel and after 5 minutes of walking in the dark, a light appears from a far so we head over to the light to find out what it is a once we got closer sounds came from the light, and we saw a big hairy thing laying on a bed so we howled as loud as we could and the big ball of hair turned out to be bigfoot, big foot jumped up and looked over at us and said what the hell are yall doin in my crib, we all looked at each other like wtf is that really bigfoot and we asked what he was watching and he said finding bigfoot and he started laughing and saying these idiots will never find me, so we ran out of the cave and started howling and people started running towards the tunnel and I lifted my paw and pointed in the tunnel, the people ran in the tunnel and 30 minutes later came out wid that fur ball. And we said I thought they would never find you and we all started laughing as they carried him away but then this big colorful flash came out of nowhere and it faded away and next thing you know we were in rust and I was like oooooohhh sh*****t now were talking yo yung slump wolf 1v1 me, so the match of the year has just started and I was like this dude does not know what’s coming, so I’m spawn trapping him he’s killing me I’m killing him so I get to 29 kills and I mob up to the top of the map, and put my paws on my sniper and I ran and jumped of the map and triple wrist twist zoom loaded and no scoped and hit yung slump and then right when I hit another flash hit us and when the flash faded we were back at how and everything was back to normal and we all looked at each other and said I think I want to go eat more plants now.

This Project was one of the really fun ones that we did all year we got to use our imagination to build our very own snow man and It did take longer for me to make this cause i had to use multiple different programs and transfer it back and forth.
This project was my favorite by far we got to learn more about the people we chose and we got to create shirts and even make them action figures but with all the fun there is the hard parts i had to do a lot of research on my person and i had to find the right info on him that was hard.
This project was also a really fun one to do because we got to figure out our spirit animal and the design it how we like in illustrator but it also took a long time to get every piece by its self and color it.

Where One Comes From Matters

Growing up in the outdoors, I always shot guns and bows and hunted but as I grew up, I got very distant from it all and have not been outdoors much but I want to get a job that is all outdoors. My family and friends have been giving me ideas of jobs to do like firefighting. So for this summer I am going to be fighting fires.

Right Place Right Time

Video game designing would be a good job for me or movie editing or even just video editing I really do like working on computers and games. I have always wanted to make my own game or make my own clothing line.

Capitalizes on Opportunities

I would take what they have and make it better. To upgrade and make their products better.

10,000 hour rule

I plan to become a firefighter or a personal trainer and they both take hard work but once I make up my mind then I will have to choose like if I do personal training then I will have to go back to school and study but if I do firefighting I have to study and train.

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