To Find That Tiny Spot An Online Portfolio By Arya Djenar


My name is Arya Djenar, an aspiring graphic artist. I am currently a student of Art and Design Foundation at George Brown College in Toronto, where I learn the essential skills to become a better artist and person in general. In this program I discovered the world of graphic design along with illustration and I instantly fell in love with it. These fields offers a lot of flexibility, exciting experiences and of course a bright career path. Since that discovery, I am determined to become better and better each day in these particular field in order to find that tiny spot in a ruthless and competitive art world.

Drawing caricatures and funny characters with sometimes unrelated or unexpected captions, have always been my favorite hobby since I was a kid, for me it is therapeutic.It helps me cope with my problems, helps me transfer my unspoken complaints and negative emotions, helps me share my idea more freely and it invokes happiness to my viewers. This philosophy has become the backbone of my creative works and in result, whenever I am about to start a project I always try to incorporate this philosophy.
"Stop buzzing"

My Works

In order to be successful in the art world, I was taught to confidently show my works, communicate the idea behind artworks that I created as well as to build a network to help me with my career. In this page I want to showcase some of the works that I created during my study in George Brown's Art and Design Foundation program as a way to exercise the skills that are mentioned above.

Left : "Celebrating 150th years of strength in Canadian diversity" | Right : "A single bound indie movie poster"
Left : "World war 2 inspired propaganda poster" | Right: "Let there be rock!"
Left : "The pillars of symmetry" | Right : "ROM poster:"
“Do not seek praise. Seek criticism.” –Paul Arden
Book cover inspired by the recent political phenomenon "The Art of Divide"
"MR. Stalin postcard"
Music CD front cover of "150th years celebration of strength in Canadian diversity"
Inside part of Music CD cover for "150th years celebration of strength in Canadian diversity"
Music CD back cover of "150th years celebration of strength in Canadian diversity"
"Robot janda" patch design
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs
"Metallic and glass" Texture, light and shadow study
"Organic fruit" Texture, light and shadow study
"Still live drawing"

Caricature, cartoon and funny character

My favorite things to draw

"Hey STFU"
"Politics recently"
"Living in Canada"
"When you miss your motorcycle"
"Rude Robot"
"When you miss your motorcycle part 2"
"And we have lift off"

My goal is to be accepted in OCADU's graphic design program on fall 2017, there I am hoping to enhance the skills that I have gained throughout my stay in George Brown's College. I also hope that I would be exposed into a broader as well as more exciting world of creative works & arts if I get accepted in OCADU and of course to seek the advanced knowledge I needed in order to find that tiny spot in a ruthless and competitive art world.

I hope you are entertained and inspired by my online portfolio. If you have any questions, complaints, comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to reach me through my email or my social media listed below

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Arya Djenar

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