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Rachel platten

Most people know rachel platten for her song “fight song” but most people don't know her for her other awesome and amazing accomplishments, from winning awards to how she got to where she is now.

Rachel platten was born on may 20 1981 she studied classical piano when she was only 5 years old she also then took guitar when she was in high school, when she was young she always dreamt about having music as a career but never thought it was possible, when she went to college she Sang In her college's first all female a cappella group. In part of a study program she went to Trinidad for a internship for a diplomats office at a record label, when she was there she sang backup for a friends band, that was in front of over 80,000 people in the international soca monarch finals in 2002. She said that the moment she stepped on stage she was going to pursue music full time. In 2003 she graduated college for her degree in international relations. Then she decided right away to move to New York not soon after she cut her teeth playing in the band “days of wild” with prince and sly and family stone. Then in 2012 she got married to Kevin lazan. Then she began touring in the county, she also worked with a lot of charities, where she would sing beside hospital patients.

Rachel platten at a young age

In 2003 she released her “a collection of demos” called trust in me. In 2011 her second album “be here” was released from rock ridge music. In that same year her single “1,000 ships” was on u.s. billboard adult top 40 charts as song number 24, also playing on many other popular radio stations and used in many different tv shows. Her song “seven weeks” was used in the film the good guy, also the theme song for Jane by design her song “begin again” was used for the ABC family tv show pretty little liars 100th episode. Her song “you're safe” was was used for MTV’s finding carter. Then in spring 2015 she released her “fight song” then was also used in the Christmas episode of pretty little liars fifth season. In may 2015 was featured in the trailer for super girl. It was also in the official anthem for Hillary Clinton. “Fight song” peaked number 6 on the top 100, and number 2 in Australia, number 6 in Ireland, 8 in New Zealand, number 1 on the U.K. Singles list, almost as soon as it came out.

She also worked with a lot of people on tv or live events like as a support act on Alex & sierra and Andy grammer’s “the good guys & a girls tour” in 2015. She then also toured with colbie Caillat and Christina perri in “girls night out, boys can come to are tour” in the summer of 2015 on the 11 of September 2015 she released her second single “stand by you” from wildfire from sony music entertainment. On the today show she announced a new version of “fight song” and it would benefit the national compassion fund, to support the needs of people that were impacted by the Orlando nightclub massacre. Then she sang the star spangled banner of the 2016 World Cup for the Cleveland Indians and Chicago cubs of October 2016. In the time square ball she co-headlined on New Year's Eve of 2016 with Gavin degraw, and preformed “fight song”, “stand by you” “beating me up”, and “imagine” by john Lennon. She was nominated for the teen choice awards for breakout artist with the song “herself” also for the award of summer choice song for “fight song”. She won the I heart radio music awards for best lyric “fight song” billboard music award from top selling song for “fight song” but only got nominated, radio Disney for breakout artist of the year “herself” but only got nominated, she was also nominated for an American music awards for favorite adult contemporary artist for “herself”, finally she won the daytime award for outstanding musical performance in a talk show/morning program on good morning America.

There for you now know about Rachel plattens accomplishments up until now, from growing up all the way to getting nominated for so many awesome awards that is why I think rachel platten is a true renaissance man.

  • Rachel platten always wanted to be a sing but never thought it was possible
  • She is now 35
  • She has 4 record deals
What she looks like now







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