La Bruja Del 71 El chavo del ocho

Characters: Angelines Fernandez (Lady from El Chaco De Ocho)
Setting: Hunted Hotel or a hunted apartment room (La Vecindad in Mexico)
Plot Summary: A Lady that lives in a apartment room 71 that nobody likes because she's always saying bad things about other people and when she gets mad she hits the people. Angelines Fernandez dresses like a witch so everybody is scared of her.
Symbols and Archetypes: Angeline just wanted to be friendly and wanted to have friends but nobody liked her, everybody was scared of being around her because they thought she was going to do something to them.
Meaning of the Folktale: People should not treat people different just by the way they dress and act because you don't know who they really are.
Significance: parents tell there kids that if they are being bad or anything that we'll get them in trouble they will send them to La Bruja Del 71 if they don't listen.


Created with images by Unsplash - "building modern architecture" • rcbodden - "Spooky Moon" • Catedrales e Iglesias - "Museo de Guadalupe,Santuario de Guadalupe,Guadalupe,Estado de Zacatecas,México" • Steve Snodgrass - "HOTEL"

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