Education By Kareena Gupta

For my project I researched the difference between high school and college level education and how Confucianism relates to both in the present day and in the past.

In China, education has been an ongoing topic of discussion when it comes to improving the system. People have been attempting to improve and make the education in China better and stronger for the future generations. Recently, a new plan has taken place called the Gaokao which is a document. The goal of Gaokao is to have at least six of China's top ranked institutions ranked within the top fifteen universities by 2030.


Education has been important to Chinese culture for many years now. In Confucianism, the beliefs were that people were to be self educated about rituals, proper etiquette, and specific behavior. Being educated was critical to a Confucius lifestyle and was a major part of it. In the present, education is one, if not the most, of the significant categories in Chinese culture. Being educated is very important because the belief is that you will go to a prestigious college and have a good, well paying job after. Also, the idea of education being competitive has also stayed around to today's world. In the past, there was an exam that people could take to join the government called the Civil Service Exam. Only the wisest of people would pass, but it was open to the public. This was a very competitive test, as to there were many people who were talented and could pass the exam. In today's world, education and tests have become very important to get into a good college. The stakes have gone up and children are working much harder to get into the good colleges.


Education in China connects to China being imperial with China's new Gaokao document of their plan to improve their schools. Even in the past, China's education system connected to imperialism because of the Civil Service Exams. When selected people were chosen to be part of the government, it shows that education causes the government to have a superior power.


Even though education has still played a very important role in Confucianism today in Chinese culture in general, there are some slight differences. In the past, educating people used to be about proper etiquette, specific appropriate behavior, and practicing rituals. Now, education is focused on math and science.

Some questions that came up when I finished researching my topic were, what made the change for the goal of education in China and when did this change occur. I think that the issue of education is important because this is our future. It is important to educate younger children and people because they are the world's future and they are going to make change. They will eventually make new inventions that could make society more efficient and without education, these changes might not occur, and our world could stay in the same place it is today.


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