CHILDREN What do they know?

I do wonder what a child knows about the world. I can only know about myself. When I was five I came to realize we all have to die one day and that frightens me alot.

A smile does not tell much about the mind

I mean what does a child knows about death when even life itself is not fully experience yet. Yet, strangely, I was gropped with fear of the thought of death.

Death reminds us about our own immortality and also the gift of separation from others.
A child is describe as innocence, or is it ignorant?
What awaits each of us as a child?

Probably it is not about age. Nor is it about gender. Probably, it is about the stories in our head.

It is personal to each of us. Who cares except ourselves?
Curious or thinking?

How I feel, what I think, what I experience, determines my reality – doesn't matter whether I am a child, adult or aging. In that sense, what then is age?

A body may wreck but life may continues. On the otherhand a body can be healthy but life may just end abruptly.
What is life but only to meet death?
Have we ever wondered?
Maybe there is a deeper purpose in life afterall, but probably NOT what we think it is.
I will leave that to your own search…
Created By
Hor Tuck Loon

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