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A word from Mrs Wenham

This will be my final contribution to the Mandela blog as I start to prepare for my new role as Progress leader for Year 9 in September. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute as Head of Mandela College and I will always be proud of our achievements and our togetherness. Even though it hasn't always been easy, we have stuck together and shown great resilience and respect in everything we do. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all pupils, staff and parents who have supported our college. We still have lots to look forward to this half term. We have the Year 11 Leavers Ball and assembly, trips day, sports day and the Year 10 summer ball, to name but a few. It will be a busy end of term as always.

Andrew from Year 7 recently went on the Bushcraft trip. This is what he had to say.

When I first got to school on the Monday morning that we went, I was excited but nervous because I didn't know what it was going to be like and I had never camped out in a tent in the middle of a forest before. We had a fairly short drive to bushcraft but it was pouring down with rain when we got there. We met our group leader and he took us to the ‘yer’ that was our groups shelter for the day. We met our tribe leaders and started to gather wood to make a fire. By the time it was about 8:00 we had eaten lamb kebabs, played lots of different hiding games, built shelters and got to know our tribe leaders. After tea we sang some really random songs, drank hot chocolate and eventually our tent got to sleep by about 11:30. The next day was mainly based on games. Doing TRIBES GOT TALENT and taught how to make traps like a snare. When it came to the evening of Tuesday, we had to perform our act on TRIBES GOT TALENT and luckily our tribe won. Our act was based on people that had their boat attacked by pirates and had to swim to a deserted island where one of our tribe members played a made-up creature called Neil that only made the noise ‘NYAW!!!’. On the last day we played some more games, taking down our shelters, rescuing our PE teachers from a plane crash and eating pizza while spending 2 hours sat in the sun. After that, it was time to leave. I really am glad that I went because I doubt I would be able to have that much of an experience in a woods like that ever again.

Year 8 Sporting success

It was College sports last week and our Year 8 did really well. They came joint first! The boys actually came first overall in the cricket competition. Well done to you all. We are very proud of you!

Perfect Prefects

Some of our Year 10 were recently appointed as prefects to take over from Year 11 leaving. We asked a couple of them how they have found it.

We have always wanted to be prefects. We have always looked up to the older pupils who were prefects when we were younger. We also like being able to help the staff out at lunchtimes. It was quite hard at first and we didn't feel like we had the confidence to do it as we have to challenge pupils and make sure they are following school rules. However we have recently been on a training course for prefects which had taught us to be assertive and handle difficult situations. We have also been helping out on the Year 6 days when the pupils who are coming to Ormskirk school next year come for a taster day. We are looking forward to the challenges of next year and we are really enjoying our new responsibilities.

More stage successes!

Eboni and Charlotte continue to amaze us with their acting and singing successes. They are yet again involved in another musical theatre production with their drama groups. Well done girls!

Perfect Punctuality and Attendance

Once again, 7M1 and 7M2 are leading the way with excellent attendance and punctuality figures. This is excellent and we continue to be very proud of their efforts. Mrs Wenham says that we must try to be here every day and on time so we can learn!

Have a great Summer Holiday! We hope you enjoyed our blog.

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