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Photo by: Sarah Vasquez

Counting Down the Days

From decorating, to parties, to family visits, seniors of 2019 are getting ready for their big day.

By Sarah Vasquez

May 10, 2019

Seniors in the Lansing district are preparing for one of the biggest days in their life: graduation. The day is coming quicker than expected, and senioritis is beginning to kick in. Teachers, such as Jeff DaMetz, are noticing this the most.

“Finishing homework is very important, especially towards the end of the year” says DaMetz.

He has a daughter graduating this year, so naturally, he’s very busy. “I check up and make sure everything is getting done” he says, referring to her homework.

Aside from school work, there are still many other tasks to think about when it comes to graduation. These can include cap decorating, after-parties, senior pictures, Operation Graduation, etc. Decorating your graduation cap is trend rising in popularity. Many students at Lansing have already decorated theirs, but senior Teagan Vaughn is just getting started. “My cap design does not have significant meaning other than that it represents who I am when I can’t always express myself the way I want” says Vaughn. Senior Alyssa Murray says

"I’m going to paint my cap saying 'This queen don’t need no king from the song 'Sit still, look pretty' by Daya because I'm a strong independent woman who don't need no man."

Another important element to graduation, aside from the actual graduating, is the after-party.

After-parties can be, to some people, the most important part of graduating. Family is a big factor: there to provide support and love. These parties are usually family, but friends tend to “party hop” as well. “Party hopping” is when a person spends a small amount of time at a party and then goes to another party for a short amount of time, and continues this cycle until they are tired or there are no more parties to attend. The graduate will party hop after being with their family for awhile. Murray, who graduated at semester, says “My grandfather is coming up to visit from Florida, so after graduation I’m having my party and hanging out with family. I’ll be going to my friend’s parties for a little while after a few hours with my family.” Seniors are ready to graduate and see what the future holds for them!

Senior Teagan Vaughn has been brainstorming her cap design for months. She is hot gluing flowers and rhinestones to her cap to make it pop. "Decorating my cap has helped me de-stress as well as just having fun."

(Left) Seniors Josh Lauritzen, Ashley Potter, Sydney Immesote, Dylan DeBauge, and Declan Wolf were talking about their after-party plans. They are talking about how they will miss their friends and teachers. "Honestly, I'm kind of sad, and the connections I have with underclassmen, I'm gonna miss too" says Lauritzen.

(Right) Juniors Sam Meyer and Madeline Jacobs dissected a fetus pig in anatomy. Teacher Jeff DaMetz teaches them about living body systems and how they work. "I think this class has opened my mind up that this topic is not all that gross. This class is very interesting and informative" says Jacobs.

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