Nellie Bly was trying to further understand the experiences of the mentally ill in asylums to show to the government so they can make changes. In order to get submitted to these hospitals she had to act ill, and get passed by three doctors.
Bly was submitted to the Blackwell's Island Lunatic Asylum. Where she was given a freezing bath with ice water and temperature of the asylum was below zero. She was given her own room instead of a shared one. On just her first day arriving she was mistreated and they mistreated her. They tugged, grabbed, pulled, and even embarrassed her in front of the others.
The nurses in charge of the asylum beat, choked, and tortured the patients. More often then not it started with them trying to be amused with the pain upon the patients. The nurses would get the patients to start crying so the could get a laugh from the suffering of the patients. But, once the crying escalates they told the patients to stay quiet. If the patient did not comply they would choke, hit, pull hair, and beat the patient. They often did it in another room so others could not see but everyone knew what was happening.


Created with images by Jon Bunting - "asylum" • Skin - ubx - "10 Bernards Asylum"

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