Arthur Lee Experience Letter

To whom it may concern,

May this recommendation letter rise to the top of your inbox in honor of Arthur Lee's greatness! What a true gem Arthur is. As Creative Director of Spark Agency, I find myself constantly inspired by the ideas and craftsmanship Arthur brings to the table. I am happy to write to you today to tell you the story of our experience together.

Arthur began his time at Spark Agency as a graphic design intern and didn't last long in an unpaid position. His drive and talent were evident from the start, and it was truly our fortune that a permanent desk opened up for him on the last day of his internship. Arthur has since excelled at web development and UI/UX design. He is a team player who collaborates with all working parts to develop strategy and execute innovative solutions. Our agency was over the moon to see Arthur receive the Mars Inc Web Developer of the Year Award in 2018, and we look forward to seeing what other awards await him in the future.

Please reach out should you have any further questions related to Arthur's experience or accomplishments with our agency.

Best regards,

Calvin Griffith



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