Our thoughts and actions are driven

by our individual perspectives.

Rigid perceptions close off possibility,

but personal shifts can reopen the world.

I think of my artwork as creating portals

to new ways of seeing.

Detail, The Gathering

During my years of journalism and independent travel in Asia, Africa and the Middle East,

Chengdu, China, 1992

I assimilated new palettes and shapes

into my visual thinking.

Timbuktu, Mali, 1997

My degree in international studies

taught me the currency of cultures,

Herat, Afghanistan, 2004

my observation of people going about their lives

gave me a vocabulary of gestures.

Dubai, UAE, 2006

In all my work, I attempt to penetrate and lift contextual veils.

Palmyra, Syria, 1994

What is perceived as external

can be internalized through self-recognition.

I use anonymized, genderless figures

so that anyone can connect with the emotions.

Whirling Teacups

I focus on fine details so that even the mundane

illustrates perfection.

Breath of the Maker

I carve visions of what lies beyond ordinary views.


Through these pieces,

Volcano Dance

I hope to inspire ideas

Making Waves

and motivate change.

Self-portrait, SFMOMA


All images and designs copyright Lisa Schnellinger

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