High SchoolCoaching Football,Basketball


My job is to teach students on a high school level how to get better at a sport they love and have the passion and getting them to there goal.

Education Required

The education you need to become a coach or a scout is a bachelor degree and be 18 or oolder

Skills Needed To Accomplish The Job

The skills you need to achieve the job is you need to know the sport and know what your doing at all times .


The experience you need to have is A basketball coach leads a team of basketball players by organizing practices, designing plays and determining a depth chart. While organized basketball leagues are available at the junior high and high school level, most full-time football coaches find opportunities at the postsecondary and professional levels. Junior high and high schools often hire football coaches who also work as teachers in the school system.

Because football is a team game and extremely physical, basketball coaches may need to motivate players and inspire team play. They also may need to travel for away games and other sporting events. Coaches usually must work evenings and weekends, when a lot of basketball games are scheduled.

Salary For A Coach

Average Sports Coach Pay vs. Other Best Jobs. Sports coaches took home an average of $40,050 a year in 2015, which is slightly less than the average salary for recreation and fitness workers, who earned $40,970.

Benefits For Coach

The personal benefits of coaching are as wide ranging as the individuals involved. Numerous clients report that coaching positively impacted their careers as well as their lives by helping them to: Establish and take action towards achieving goals. Become more self-reliant.

Career Reflection

I chose this area because I have the passion to do it and when I was little I was always around my dad he all he did was coach

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