Why homework should be banned By:julianna pink

Ban homework
Did you know that in grades k-3, there is no data that shows that homework makes any difference at all! There are a lot of reasons why homework should be banned. In fact the stress from homework makes you lose sleep. Studies have shown that kids do not benefit in any way from homework. Also, it keeps kids from participating in after school activities and spending quality time with their family.
The first reason Homework should be banned because they need to spend more time with family. For example, kids need time to talk about their day. Also, if a problem arises, and is not discussed at home, this can interfere with how a child performs in school. In addition, Teach-Nology.com states homework reduces the amount of time that children could be spending with their families, they lose sleep because they stay up late doing there homework. That is why homework should be banned.
Another reason is kids don't benefit in any way. For example, www.Education.com Alfie Kohn, author of the Homework Myth states "that no studies have shown that kids benefit in any way from homework. Also, it keeps kids from participating in after school sports and programs.In addition, homework can cause conflict between kids and parents because if they need help their parents say no. They think it is difficult for them because they did not do that in school and it is different to what they did
No Homework
Lastly kids are getting stressed from too much homework. For example, homework should not disturb the students health and well being. Also, FactualFacts.com showed that when more time was spent on homework, students were actually getting lower scores on standardized tests. In addition, people say too much homework can cause you to lose sleep. That is why homework causes anxiety
Ban Homework 📚
In conclusion having homework has shown no improvement in younger grades and in fact test grades go down and children get stressed. Kids have been losing sleep and they don't benefit in any way. Then it keeps kids from participating in after school activities what!! Not spending quality time with family is not right!Out with homework and in with more quality time with family and friends

Yes ban Homework for those reasons

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