What does OptiFer® do? why choose optifer®

What does the product do for him/her?

  • OptiFer® will safely and efficiently restore your iron levels
  • With good iron levels your quality of life is considerably better
  • Simple dosage and good tolerance makes the therapy and your life easier
Easy to use

How does this offer benefit him/her?

  • For a reasonable price you will get a therapy that will not fail
  • With only one tablet per day needed OptiFer® will last 60 or 100 days
  • The products and their use are demonstrably totally safe
  • For an importer or a retailer it´s good to know that the market is immense. Iron deficiency is the only nutritional deficiency present in industrialized countries as well as in developing countries.
The OptiFer® heme iron supplements are unique

Why would he/she want it now?

Deficiency lowers the quality of life and must be treated. It could develop into potentially life-threatening anemia if untreated.

  • It takes a little time to restore the levels, so why wait?
  • To finally find an iron tablet therapy that doesn’t give side-effects
  • Heme-Iron uptake is ten times higher than for non-heme, so nothing goes to waste
  • For an importer or retailer it´s good to know that the OptiFer® products are totally unique
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