Post - Test Analysis Learning Objective #4

1. Math 1020 is probably my most difficult class, so for this exhibit I will analyze the first math test from this semester in which I received a grade of 55%. Math has always come quite difficult to me and it is extremely important for me to do well because my dad teaches math for a living.

2. There were many things I could have done differently to prepare for this test. Things such as getting an earlier start studying or seeing a tutor for extra help. But my biggest problem during this test was probably my time management. Our test timed and during this test I did not manage my time as well as I could have. There were many problems where I ended up just guessing because I did not have enough time to work out the full problem. I often spend way too much time on one problem making me either guess or rush through another problem.

3. I believe there is a lot more I can do in order to prepare for my next math test. For me it is extremely important to manage my time wisely for my next test. There are many different things I can do in order to prepare in a timely manner. For instance, I can get practice test and time myself taking it. This will give me a better understanding on how long certain problems will take and which sections I find more difficult than others. I can also get a better feel for the test. I will be able to most likely predict how the test is structured with the use of a practice test. This will allow me to go ahead and skip the problems I don't know so I can go ahead do the problems I do know.

4. The Post-Test Analysis definitely helped. I am usually not one to meet with a professor but I really did learn a lot during the whole Post- Pest Analysis process. I was able to see all of the mistakes I was making during my Math 1020 test. My teachers assistant was also able to give me a much better understanding of how to go about preparing for each and every test. I was able to see both my strengths and weaknesses. I was also not aware of the Math 1020 practice test page available online. I was also not ware of the different test taking strategies I could use during test time. The Post-Test Analysis definitely gave me more confidence for preparing for my Math 1020 tests.


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