Dolores Pohlman GeronTological nursing

Name: Dolores Pohlman Gender: Female Highest Education Level: High School

Family Hx: Lamont Erney(father)-HBP and died of a heart attack at 60. Rosemary Erney(mother)- stroke, heart attack, bypass surgery, died of heart disease at 81. Barb(sister)- uterine cancer followed by a hysterectomy and chemo and radiation, still alive. David(brother)-prostate cancer, chemo, still alive. Marcia(sister) no health problems. Greg(brother) no health issues

Most significant health concern: Being able to go for long walks again after having knee replacement surgery

Any limitations that affects quality of life: Knee surgery done in November, cannot walk as easily as before, although still can walk enough to play golf without a walker of wheel chair.

How does the individual rate their health using the following scale? Poor Fair Good Excellent

According to SPICES, Mini Cog, Katz, Lawton, PSQI, the nutritional assessment, and the geriatric depression scale, my grandma is perfectly healthy. She has good sleep patterns, she is able to complete all of her ADLs independently, she has healthy eating habits, and she is not depressed.

To optimize health, I suggest Dolores to keep up with exercising daily, eating healthy, and continuing with her medication regimen


Mueller, C. M., PhD, RD, CDN, CNSC. (2015). Nutrition Assessment in Older Adults. Topics in Clinical Nutrition, 30(1), 94-102.

Vega, A., MCSN, RD. (2015). Nutritional Issues in Older Adults. Topics in Clinical Nutrition, 30(3), 247-263.


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