TwoSix Digital Plans for 2021 travel U.S. Travel Association - National Plan for Travel Day

This years National Plan for Vacation Day is Tuesday, January 26th! As we prepare to travel this year, the team at TwoSix Digital took the time to share the trips and adventures they're planning on taking in 2021.

Scroll on to read where the TwoSix Digital team plans to safely travel to this year.


Dave Serino - Founder & Chief Strategist

I plan on traveling to a few national parks this year to experience new scenery and some outdoor hiking adventures. We have already begun planning our travel to visit Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah this spring. One hike that is on my bucket list for the trip is the Devils Garden Loop Trail. It is a challenging loop that features seven arches, a few obstacles and some incredible views.
Later on, this summer, we plan on staying a little closer to home and visiting the Isle Royale National Park in Northern Michigan. It is a bit of an adventure to get there as we will need to drive about nine hours to Copper Harbor in the Upper Peninsula and then take a three-hour ferry ride across Lake Superior to the island. It will be quite the adventure, but we are looking forward to visiting the island, enjoying the Michigan summer and, hopefully, seeing some moose!

Brian Matson - Senior Director of Strategy & Education

My wife and I are planning to head to Northern Michigan for a ski getaway. This will be our first adventure together since the pandemic began in March 2020! She’s an avid skier. I am not. I’ll be hitting the slopes for the first time since I was a teenager. We’re hoping for a healthy amount of snow to arrive in Northern Michigan so we can catch up on the ski season which has been pretty minimal so far this winter. There’s hardly any snow where we’re at right now which is both a blessing as far as shoveling snow goes but also a curse when wanting to get out on the slopes.
We’re heading to Gaylord because it’s a familiar area for us that we’ve traveled to many times before and one that we know have been taking COVID-19 precautions seriously. It’s also close to our home in SE Michigan which makes for a perfect wintery weekend getaway

Scout Holaday - Digital Advertising Strategist

In the summer of 2021, I will be headed to Las Vegas with five best friends for my bachelorette party! As a Nevada-native this trip will be especially rewarding as I have been unable to visit southern Nevada for over a year due to COVID-19 and my heart aches for the mountains I grew up with. Some of my earliest memories are on The Strip, and I am beyond excited to experience it again as a bride-to-be with my best friends – something I have dreamt about since I was a little girl.
Not only is Las Vegas like home to me, but with so much uncertainty still surrounding COVID-19, it’s actually an ideal travel destination. With tons of amazing outdoor entertainment and dining options downtown, as well as some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes just a few miles out of the city, it’s easy to find fun group activities while still following CDC guidelines

Nick Danowski - Lead Content Strategist

One place I’ve been planning to go for a while now is California. Specifically, Los Angeles and the surrounding region. I’ve never been. My brother moved out there a few years ago, and has been urging me to visit him ever since! He knows so much about the area and is probably the best personal tour guide you could ask for. It’d be fun to hang out in his stomping grounds. And who doesn’t like some warm weather once in a while?

Trisha Hagadorn - Director of Special Projects

This March, we are embarking on the ultimate winter adventure - heading to the beaches of the Dominican Republic! I was surprised this Christmas with a trip for two, for a whole week in the sunshine. Although we're staying at a resort, we're eager to venture into the ocean by going snorkeling and kayaking!
We chose the Dominican Republic due to the proximity to the U.S. so we're not venturing too far away. We have done extensive research on safety protocols and resort precautions. With the resort only being open for 30% capacity, it is the best way to travel to a tropical destination.

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