Hungary Magyarország

Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It has many rivers and lakes. There are three main geographic regions: the Great Aföld, which is a lowland, Transdanubia, which is a hilly region, and the North Hungarian Mountains, which is a mountainous and hilly area.

The official language of Hungary is Hungarian. Hungarian is also one of the 24 official languages of the European Union. It is also spoken in parts of neighboring countries, such as Romania, Slovakia, and Serbia.

Hungarians in the cities generally wear more modern clothing such as jeans, t shirts, and sweatshirts. Pantsuits are popular for both casual and formal occasions. The rural areas have more of the traditional Hungarian style. Women wear dresses with accordion style sleeves, and peasant babushkas (scarves) on their heads. A lot of men's shirts have the accordion style folding on their sleeves as well, and they wear a hat with a floppy brim.

Hungary has a parliamentary representative democratic government. There is a Prime Minister, who is the head government, and a President, who is the head of state.

This is János Áder, the President of Hungary.
This is Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary.

The currency of Hungary is called the Hungarian Forint. The Forint is equal to 0.0034 of a US dollar. It is divided into fillér, even though fillér coins aren't in circulation anymore. The fillér was the name of various small change coins through out Hungarian history.

The Hungarian diet is heavily based on meat. Pork is a very common ingredient. They eat a lot of stews and fish soups. Popular desserts include pancakes with dessert fillings and strudel (palacsinta).

Tradition is very important to the people of Hungary. A lot of traditions they do today date back hundreds of years. This picture here shows one of their traditions on Easter Monday, where they splash water mixed with cologne onto young girls. This was a sign of rebirth.

Hungarians like to relax during their free time by reading, watching tv, playing sports, etc. Vacation trips are very popular, especially during August. Often times they will go out to the countryside and stay in a little cottage by a lake.

About two thirds of Hungarians are Roman Catholic. Most Hungarians are not deeply religious. Hungarians are known for being more tolerant about religion than many of their neighbors.

Soccer and water polo are very popular sports. Most cities and towns have indoor and outdoor pools. Besides those sports, tennis, skiing, and horse racing are some of the other sports.


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