Startup Branding 1.0 a successful case study by BOA

This is the story of the branding journey we took with a technology startup which was looking to raise funds through crowdfunding before launching in the UK.

The Situation

Circuitree is a UK based startup which manufactures renewable energy batteries for residential and commercial properties. They were planning to launch their business by crowdfunding their startup. And to be able to close the campaign successfully, they needed to:

  • rebrand their business to appeal to investors
  • designate their branding strategy
  • design a communication strategy
  • design a visual language
  • prepare their employees to represent their brand

Step 01: Discovery

We extracted the most valuable insights from the research findings and came up with a cognitive approach to their marketing communication strategy and branding:

  • the national concern research reports are evaluated,
  • the purchasing behaviour of English consumers is examined through the research reports,
  • the market research reports are read through to understand their current reality,
  • a cognitive approach to the communication is designated and demography is profiled.

Step 02: Strategy

After the discovery process, we realised that they were doing wrong by focusing on the environmental benefits to market the product. Contrary, the ranking of environment was falling among the top ten national concerns and people were more focused on the financial matters. By considering this and many other findings, we decided;

  • how they need to approach to their branding,
  • what stages we need to follow to develop a powerful brand working for them,
  • which tools we need to design and develop to make their campaign and future business journey successful,
  • what kind of language we need to design both in visual and verbal so that they can resonate with their audience in the right way.

Step 03: Psychometrics

We applied psychometrics analysis to the decision makers and founder of the business to be able to understand who are going to represent the brand. We believe the personality of a founder gives direction to the business and the brand reflects the soul of the founder. But if you don't know the founder well, it wouldn't be possible to create the best brand culture for businesses.

Value Delivery

After agreeing on the strategic approach, we delivered:

  • their authentic brand model including the clarification of business model, meaning for the consumers, value offering, brand language and ways to apply the model of the brand to different areas.
  • logo design
  • the colour scheme by use of colour theory
  • decision makers' personal profiles on psychometrics
  • decision makers' positioning in brand representation
  • campaign communication strategy

Circuitree is OVERFUNDED just in 2 days.

and here is the identity we designed

we identified the role of each decision maker as a brand representative

and here is a sample full analysis report that we delivered to the decision makers as an extension of branding

If you want to launch a powerful brand

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