European Imperialism 1850 - 1914

1.) Motive : Europe wanted natural resources for their advancing economy and technology during the Industrial Revolution.

Map of Africa as a resource

1.) Effect : African people lost their land and independence.

African tribes

2.) Motive : They also saw it as a way to spread their religion to other people, and to also gain more power.

Unknown creature

2.) Effect : Lots of Africans died resisting European control, and tribes were torn apart.

Boer War 1880-1881

The Age of Imperialism has been an age of how the world, mostly Europe, used to view Africa as a resource for their very own. Even in the modern day, Africa is still struggling to keep its economy balanced. In the first picture, it shows Africa in a European perspective showing how each part of the land has their own natural resources. The second picture shows African people and their tribes losing their land because of the European take over. The third picture shows a European guy in an octopus spreading his hands everywhere and thinking that he is superior over everything. The fourth picture shows the boer war between European forces and the boer tribe of Africa where they resisted European forces for six months straight until they were finally defeated when they got outnumbered.

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