Blue Room Happenings April 7, 2017

First of all, may we say WELCOME BACK! We missed you!

"T, t" week was terrific in the Blue Room. This week full of weather did not disappoint. Perfect timing as we explored the world as meteorologists. We remembered that we are in the season of spring. With that, there are many kinds of storms, especially thunderstorms. The "th" sound in thunderstorms was revisited in our stories and poem.

Our spring storms inspired us to experiment, and create our own rain, as well as tornadoes in a bottle!

We also finger painted our own giant sun (since the real one was in hiding!). Along with our sun, we created beautiful raindrops and great, grey clouds. Come and check out our colorful bulletin board!

You may not know this, but it is also National Poetry Month. Our poem this week was aptly, "Pitter-Patter Raindrops" How many "T, t's" did we find? See how many you can find together!

We read a wonderful story called "Daniel Finds a Poem", by Archer, all about imagery and imagination and creating poetry. More great books: "The Rain Came Down", Shannon; " The Listening Walk", Showers and Aliki (we went on our own listening walk field trip through the neighborhood); also, "The Kids' Book of Weather Forecasting", Breen; "Why is the Sky Blue?", Discovery Kids; and a re-visit to "The Kids' Fun-Filled Question and Answer Book", Resnick. By the way, here is a trick question for you- what comes first, thunder or lightning? Your children can help you discover the answer!

Art with Carole introduced us to building pyramids, how they were created and why. Her ancient Egypt explorations these past several weeks have been informative, creative and fun.

We ended our week creating our toothpick "T" and we also made colorful wind socks.

Some songs we sang, "Oh the Foolish Man Built His House Upon the Sand", and "Mr. Sun." Our flag of the week was Turkey; 'Merhaba" is how we say hello. Turkey is across the Atlantic Ocean, they have a president, and love soccer!

We would like to thank Brian and Jon for helping us and making our week fun. Thank you to Beckett's mom for coming to play and teach us a new game, Busy Town.

Finally, we received mail from the Propel Kindergarten in Pittsburgh, PA! (My daughter is a kindergarten teacher there). We sent them mail to begin our pen pal adventure. They sent us a great note, and each child in their class chose a child in our class to write to. Your children came home with colorful drawings and a short letters from their new pals! They were so excited!

Well, it was a great week back! Next week is "U, u" week, and we are all about the universe.

Have a wonderful weekend,


The Blue Crew

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