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The tiger salamander

Salamander are hands off pet.

Newts and salamander need a varied diet.

They don't need much space.

They are cheap to feed.

They don't take a lot the time.

A first glance salamanders appear to be a type of lizard.

The tiger salamander to live in the forest . This small animal eats a little bit of food. So it is not expensive for the family. I'm very busy and don't have a lot of time. Salamanders don't need much care. So sometimes I don't need to take care of the salamanders.

The three biggest expenses for tiger salamander aquarium, heating lights, eating flukes. The salamander can eat any kind of little animal that lives in the dirt, like worms and flukes.

Proper handling of salamander is don't handle them. If you have to handle them use a wet towel. That not a problem.


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