Happy days! You're getting married in 2018!

Hi there! Hooray for finding your person! And thanks for taking the time to find out a bit more about Summertown Pictures! We're hoping you've seen our website by now and perhaps you like what you see, especially that we are documentary, unobtrusive and sneaky about getting those lovely genuine moments. We're guessing you like us because you don't see any stodgy and staged poses all over the show, and that things seem to be captured as they unfold. Well that's how we roll!

Basic: R20 000

10 hours coverage, second shooter, 600-700 high resolution edited digital images on USB, travel costs R7 ppm

Build on:

Hourly rate on top of allocated hours: R2000. You can expect about 60 extra photos per hour.

Couple shoots

R2000 for ± 1 hour. You'll get most of the pics I take, but you can expect about 200 high resolution edited images on USB. Go crazy with your locations and outfits and ideas, I'm up for it!

I know what you're thinking...

You're worried you'll feel weird and be entirely awkward in front of the camera? I've yet to meet a couple who do feel completely at ease, so you're not alone! And don't you worry, I've got some tricks to make you feel right at home. You'll be fine, promise ;)


Do you do albums? Yup! Albums start from ±R2000 for a 20 page book. There's loooooads of options at different prices for you here, but I only go through this process once your photos are edited. Either you can choose your top 100 and I'll arrange from there, or I can choose for you. I'll then send you the spreads to make sure you're happy before I send them to print.

How do we secure your services for our big day? I ask for 25% of the service fee up front with a signed Service Agreement. These two things secure your date for reals. The remaining service fee and travel costs are only due 1 week before your big day.

Why 10 hours? 10 hrs usually is the sweet spot for covering your decor and venue shots when I arrive, groom and groomsmen getting ready, bride and bridesmaids getting ready, ceremony, family photos, creative shoot and right through to the dancing. So once you have an idea of your ceremony and your getting ready locations I can break down the times for you so I can get an exact start time for the day, and then you can time all your formalities to fit in before the 10 hours is up. If we go over time a little bit it's not a stress, I'll just keep in comms with your MC and we can always work out the overtime later on ;) So don't stress about that! I'll never leave without making sure all the formalities are captured.

Do you have an assistant or second shooter? Yes! I have my dear darling wonderful husband coming to assist me for wedding days. He uses my back up camera at very specific moments, i.e. the ceremony when you're just about to walk down the aisle (I'll be on the other end getting your fiance's love struck face!) And while I'm getting family shots David will be getting your guests socialising. He'll also gets another angle on the couple shoot, looking for those real moments in between ;)

How long will it take to get our images back? Six - eight weeks is my usual turnaround time. I wouldn't want to make you wait any longer! I always post a little sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram the week following the big day so that's something you can look forward to ;)

Will you both need accommodation? We have two adorable cats who we always look forward to getting home to, but if your event is further than 120km away from Scottsville Pietermaritzburg we may require accommodation. But we'll chat about this ok!

Can we have the raw unedited images ever? Nope. Sorry. That's what you pay me for, hours and hours of going through the billions of pictures we took on your big day to curate the best images for your final collection.

How do you back up your photos? My main camera has two card slots, so while I'm shooting, your photos are simultaneously recorded on a master SD card. The images are then backed up onto two external hard drives on two different properties, my office and at my home. Just in case.

International weddings:

We travel to the UK and beyond whenever we can. We love it! We'll cover the whole day for £1500 / €2000. You can expect about 800-1000 high resolution edited digital images.

Still have questions? Fire away! You have my email address!

Thanks again for your time! So looking forward to working with you!

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Katie Wisdom


Summertown Pictures

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