Recycle this is ...

A computer made of cardboard is a very cool creation because you make a computer with recycled things! SO COOOL

Trash can always be reused. For example, you can use newspapers to make origami, like make a ship or a tiny house. You can make them useful, such as a hat that you can wear.

You can make these sheep made of hay and wood. It can reuse trashed materials. You can also make these with another materials, like cardboard with foam or the remains of pencil sharped glued together. Whatever the material is,

This is 0.00001 % of the trash in Earth



Created with images by TVZ Design - "Recompute" • PublicDomainPictures - "art attachment background" • MALCOLUMBUS - "sheep wooden sheep wood wool" • LuizAntonio - "pollution teddy bear beach" • jonathan.youngblood - "trashed" • gideon_wright - "Trashed Earth" • ButterflySha - "Trash" • vargazs - "waste garbage cleanliness" • paulbr75 - "hurricane matthew damage dock"

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