Cause & Effects of Exploration By: Laura Chavez

World History 4A

Cause #1: Religion

Religion is The Age of Exploration was a big deal, not only did they admire their religion but they wanted everyone to admire it as well. They wanted to spread Christianity to new places they explored. Hernan Cortes had a strong believe that it was necessary to introduce Christianity to the natives when entering new lands. He was one that had a great believe in his religion making him one of the most famous people who spread Christianity. Many people didn't want to follow the ruler's religion so they explored in order to find freedom of their religion. They wanted to find somewhere where their ruler didn't force them to believe in something they didn't.

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Cause #2: Europeans wanting resources

The kind of resources the Europeans wanted was spices from the “Indies” and they wanted to make more money. They didn’t have anywhere to store their goods so they were always on the hunt for spices like pepper to cover up the taste of the salted or spoiled meat. They were always on the hunt because the spices didn’t grow anywhere in Europe, they were only in Asian countries. Several rulers in Europe finally decides to find a new route to get the spices because it was getting to expensive getting them from Asian countries and this way it can make the rulers richer. They were also looking for gold. The rulers where really into looking for other lands so they can have more power and larger lands. The rulers sent explores to find the lands. For example, Christopher Columbus was one of the explores that was sent because he told the king he knew a “shortcut” to the spice lands. He didn’t really manage to find spices because he thought he was in the Indies but he wasn’t.

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Effect #1: Slavery

Slavery was a big part of the Age of exploration. The trade of slaves grew a lot because they were being traded in the triangular trade. This effected the lives of many families of Africa, it also caused a depopulation of many areas and took a lot of Africans of its strongest men and woman. The slaves were put in really tight ships that took them through the Atlantic Ocean but many died by suicide, starvation and/or diseases. Slavery raised wealth and status of Portuguese plantation owners. Which helped them get more land and have more power. The slave trade affected the culture because the changing economy supported the slave plantations by creating a wealthier class.

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Effect #2: Trading

Trading was a big thing in the Age of Exploration. They had a triangular trade between Europe, Africa and the Americans. What Europe exported to Africa was guns, cloth, iron, beer and to the Americans was manufactured goods and luxuries. Africa exported to Europe was gold, ivory, spices and hardwood and to the Americans was slaves. The Americans exported to Europe was whale oil, lumber, furs, rice, silk, indigo, tobacco, sugar and wood and to Africa was rum, iron, gun power, cloth and tools. This was a good and bad thing because a lot of innocent people were sold for goods. Some counties lost a lot of the population due to slaves being traded. Some good things were that they got to trade things they have a lot for things they needed. Africa people were more affected by the trading because they took people like slaves even though they weren’t. For the most part the triangular trade was a success.

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