Common Core: Teachers in Trouble By Joel Whitcomb

Common Core in total can frustrate and upset many students and teachers. It can cause students who preformed well, to begin to fall apart, and fail a course. Common core teaches "problem solving," but fails to actually teach the course that is suppose to be taught and often confuses both the teachers and the students.

As common core progresses and students begin to do worse, classrooms in schools will become more sparse. Students will think that all their efforts have been wasted because no matter how hard they try, they cannot progress. As students leave school because they are not able to succeed in the common core system, public schools will cease to exist because they will not have enough students.

Failure is currently all that is happening with common core. In schools that abide by common core, students are not taught what is needed to be taught. Common core is causing teachers to be frustrated because they cannot teach the way that they know best and are often times puzzled by the standards.

If common core is removed, then teachers will be able to teach in a more effective way, that gets students involved. They can begin to teach the course in the way they know best. Teachers will have more time to actually teach, whereas with common core in place, they spend a large amount of time learning to interpret the material.

As students make it through a system without common core, where the course it taught most efficiently, students will have a better chance of succeeding in school, and in life because they have been prepared in a more effective way.


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