Causes and Effects of European Exploration By Camille grever

Cause #1

Religion: People wanted to spread their own religion to other places, wherever they can. The pope made a proclamation to have people convert all non-Christians everywhere. Queen Isabella and her husband, King Ferdinand, took that very seriously.

Cause #2

Water route to Asia: Christopher Columbus wanted to find the fastest route to where he could get spices and other items that they have in Asia Columbus thought that he was in the far east when he landed in the Caribbean in 1492, he was looking for a water route to Asia. He wanted to get to the Spice Islands of present-day Indonesia; they had lots of pepper, nutmeg, and, mace.

Effect #1

Slavery: Columbus came to the new world and took advantage of the natives and when they were all killed by his actions, people from Africa started being shipped to other lands as slaves. The Portuguese were the main traders of slaves, they gave African rulers European luxuries in order to get access to their people. They would capture slaves and then bring them to plantations in Brazil and the Island of Sau Tome

Effect #2

Exploration/ Trade: More and more people wanted to discover the world and get more land for themselves and colonize the land they find. People discovered spices and silk so they tried to find a way to get it by exploring. Exploring made people realize that they can get a lot more money and items by trading what they have to people who don't have it. Trading was spread and opened up more because of exploration, people found that they could travel more to go places and get the items they want.

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