Meet the Yeatts family #underthemagnolia

Why did you choose Magnolia Green?

We knew when we were planning to start having children that we wanted a community that catered to families. It was extremely important to us that our future children be able to have plenty of things to do and other children close by to play with. We also wanted to make sure that we were in a safe area with good schools. We decided to take a tour one day of Magnolia Green and we were instantly sold on the idea of living here. There is just so much to offer here that no other neighborhood around can even compare. It was a no-brainer for us. From tennis and basketball courts, multiple swimming pools, a golf course, playgrounds, and plenty of walking trails, we knew that we would never get bored living here. We looked around at the different sections, but ultimately we decided on Aston Oaks. We are so happy with our decision. We couldn’t ask for better neighbors if we tried.

What is your favorite social event in Magnolia Green?

Because of Covid, we probably have not experienced as much as we would have liked! We did, however, really enjoy going to the adult luau last month. It was a great, kid-free night out for us and a good opportunity to spend time with our neighbors. We are so excited for the other events coming up. With me (Emily) being co-chair of the social committee this year, it has been so rewarding to be able to get to know other fellow neighbors and plan events for the community. I can’t wait to see them all come to fruition! Some that I am looking forward to the most are our Halloween Festival and the 5k/8k race we have planned for the fall!

In your opinion, what makes Magnolia Green stand out?

Magnolia Green is a huge community, but it truly doesn’t feel like it. You run into familiar faces everywhere you go. Everyone is just so friendly and willing to go out of their way for you. We have met so many wonderful neighbors that have quickly become friends. This neighborhood is perfect for walks and bike rides (which we do almost daily). There is no shortage of things to do here. You can find us at the pool or playground most of the summer. We love that there are so many things close by for kids, like the Children’s Museum and the zoo! We love going to the Market at Magnolia Green and we strongly believe that Magnolia Green has the best farmer’s market in town! We really enjoy the social aspect of living here. There are so many opportunities to meet people and have fun. Of course, Covid did put a damper on things, but has been nice to be able to actually get out and do more this summer.

Describe Magnolia Green in one word.