Religion Road Trip SAcred sites around the world

Day 1: Sunday January 1st:

Today I arrived at the Cambodia Airport early in the morning. I got in a car, which wasn't much like uber at all, and heading my journey to my first site, the Angkor Wat. After a hour long car ride I ended up in the town of Krong Siem Reap. It is a town built around the Angkor Wat. My breathe was taken away when I learned that I could bike around and tour the town. The weather was perfect, it was sunny with a small breeze. After dining at a local restaurant I decided to find a place to stay and call it a night,

Day 2: Monday January 2nd

Today I have decided to go on a 'official' tour of the Angkor Wat with all the other tourist. Luckily I was surrounded by fellow Americans with a English speaking guide. The structure was absolutely ginormous and breath-taking. It felt as if I was transported back in time to ancient times. It looked as if it was made for royalty, and it is for Hinduism. It was made for their Hindu God Vishnu. Also seeing the way people worship the temple was spectacular. Viewing how people travel millions of miles to see this temple to see their gods temple. Seeing their faith to the Hindu God was one of the best things I have seen.

Day 3: Tuesday January 3rd

Today I really wanted to get peoples view on the temple and get information on Angkor Wat. What I learned today was that it was built by King Suryavarman II to represent Mt Meru built in the 12 century. This is because the Hindu faith of ancient gods. This temple is on of the largest religious architecture. With 108 towers and temples it makes it one of the wonders of the world. It honors their God Vishnu and the cosmology. Around the temple is a moat and the only entrance is through a tower. Many people often believe their are secret paintings, treasures and stairwells.

Day 4: wednesday January 4th

Today I am traveling to Borobudur for Buddhism. In Indonesia

Day 5: Thursday January 5th

Today I am going to Borobudur. Own the tour I learned that it took 75 years to build. It was definitely worth it, although the original purpose is not clear many people have there ideas. It has at least 72 sacred Buddha statues with all sacred meanings. Many people travel here around the globe to see this Buddhist Temple.

Day 6: Friday January 7th

Today I leave Indonesia and travel to Prague in Czech Republic for the Jubilee Synagogue for a Jewish religion.

Day 7: Saturday January 8th

Today I arrived in the colorful town of Prague walking around you would think I was walking around candy land. Walking around this Jewish sacred site called the Jubilee Synagogue I was truly amazed. During the tour I learned that it was over a year it took to build and is a recent strutter finished in 1906. Most people call it Gods gate because its amazing and breathe taking entrance and it is how they view heaven.


Today I left Prague and I traveled to Russia for the Christian Church, Church on the savior of blood.

Day 9: Monday January 10th

Today I arrived in Russia for the Christian site. This site has many different names but most commonly know as the Church on the savior of Blood. This church is also recent and opened in 1907. It is important because it is where they believe Jesus was resurrected. They believe this is where he died on the cross and rose again.

Day 10: Tuesday January 11th

Today I left Russia and traveled to Kazan Kremlin, also in Russia, to see an Islamic religion sacred site called Qolşärif Mosque.

Day 11: Wednesday january 12th

Today I am touring Qolşärif Mosque and am very shocked to learn it was built in 2005. Only 11 years ago (or 12 whenever you are reading this). It is renamed after another mosque in the 1500s. It is rebuilt because the original was destroyed by Ivan the Terrible. Most Islamics find this mosque to show new hope because it shows anything can be rebuilt.


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