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Personal questions

Gordon was born on October 23rd, 1963 and at the moment is standing at the age of only 53! He currently lives in Long Island, New York with his wife (Jennifer Korman) and has 3 children. Gordon loves sports such as football and hockey. Along with that, Gordon loves writing (obviously) and he has been influenced in many ways by many people including his coach/ teacher from the past to write. For example, he wrote his first story about his teacher who just didn't know what he was doing and he takes something from nothing and makes it amazing. If that makes sense.

Professional question answers:

Gordon Korman is a well man overall and he definitely gives people something to look forward to every day as he has written more than 80 books for anyone to read! Many examples are; "Now you see them, Now you dont, KIDNAPPED, Swindle, Schooled, Ungifted, etc. Not too many writers have had the chance to write so many books by just the age of 53. I guess since 1963 his writings have just flown because he wrote his first book then and since then he's written a world of wonderful books since then. To prove his great writing he has won many awards as well including multiple awards for "The Emporers Code" , "Framed", "Masterminds", and many more! The author has many great reasons for his writings and he gets inspired greatly because he writes his books almost every time about a real life time thing that happened, just like in the book "This can't be happening at McDonald Hall" It is about a LA teacher who really didn't know what he was doing as he had never taught before the year he taught Gordon, so Gordon wrote about it and made a successful story/ book in the end at a very young age. Overall Korman has written many books, many successful books, and they were normally encouraged or inspired by someone.

Kidnapped: Aiden Falconer and an FBI agent are searching for Aidens sister who had been recently kidnapped and was in an unsafe environment. Key the sister of Aiden was trying to escape on her own as she found herself a power line where she could call out to the police with Morse code which is something you'd never expect a young girl doing and knowing on her own. She gets down and sprains her ankle but has too keep running as the kidnappers are very close. Meg eventually gets caught by he kidnappers again as she just found a caning and the kidnappers took her, but soon to know her brother, the agent, and some other people were on there way to find her knowing where she was at because of an email for money the kidnappers sent out for the child. The kidnappers told the people to meet at a mine and who knows how dangerous in the future that could be, because who knows what oils happen at a mine. Will Meg and her family die, or will she live to see the whole world and a future? Read to find out what happens next and to find out what Megs future holds.

One man has something that can help and change the falconers lives! He holds the key to freeing the children's (Aiden & Meg) parents from jail for doing something they didn't do. The parents have been in jail for a while now and the kids believe it's a total mistake and that they're parents are not guilty, they just have to find the man to prove that. Aiden and Meg are attempting to cross North America to find him (the man) but the children are being chased as well and people believe the children should go to prison. As they get to California a man recognizes the kids and fights them off the plane and the kids run away, and eventually run into a crowd of people who eventually become there "friends" but Meg and Aiden don't know if they can trust the friends at the moment, so they try to stick with them but apcontinue on the search for their parents, what will happen to the parents in the end? What will happen to the kids? Read to find out!

Comparison: KIDNAPPED, and Now you see them, Now you don't are two unique books and they are very simple books but they are not completely similar, yet have a lot of similarities. For instance they involve the same characters yet they are from different series and that shows me Gordon likes using certain characters for lots of his books! Gordon's books always involve similar things as shown previously but one main factor he uses is a normal setting but around suspicious people and it makes me excited when I read! It makes the stories so much more fun to read as if the setting weren't the same the book wouldn't be the same or as good. As well as that, Kordan's books are so different as well, they all have a different theme, and meaning to each and every one of them! All of them have different stories and I like that because a lot of writers will write book that is similar to the book before and it's just boring, all of Gordon's books tell different stories. In the end, the books Gordon writes have many similarities and differences and that's why many people today love his books!

Here is 4 quotes ( 2 from each book) from the books I chose to show you what kind of writer Gordon is and what he does in his books that just makes them better and overall special to many people, most all people who read his books! Right off the bat when you look into the book "Now you see them, Now you don't" there's is a perfect quote showing my writers style, it says " Don't worry about us" and there is dialogue around that quote showing me that Korman is independent and people can trust him so just off the bat I already know that! Another quote from the same book says " Welcome to our shrapnel of the American grenade" and as he says that quote in the story, you can tell from around it, its supposed to be funny, it just makes me laugh the sound and everything is just great and I know it's not the perfect quote but that shows that my author is a writer for the kids and people and he is an enjoyable writer to read from for sure. My next two are going to be from my other book I read "Kidnapped" and this book technically shows anyone that the author will do anything to be where he wants to be and this quote explains to us just that, " tired, cold, and hungry, but I'm alive!" This quote tells me Gordon lives life to the fullest and is determined as a person, and after the quote Meg, the character keeps going for help which shows determination and I'm sure Gordon is a determined man because he has written 80+ books. Finally, here's another small quote to explain my author from the book Kidnapped, " don't run" this quote shows me that korman won't run, he'll pay up for what he's done wrong and it overall shows me he is a good person. Overall Gordon is a great, determined, funny, and intelligent guy with many other qualities!

three critical inquiry questions:

How have the authors works changed over the years? Over the years my author has improved very greatly on his book writing! His books have became better in my opinion over the years in many ways. As time has passed his books began to keep growing and his fan base is growing as well because people not only love him but his books as well. His books have gotten better because they have changed and every book he writes he makes better and I'm sure he puts days into writing each book with full thought and heart as you'd expect but he's different, his writings aren't long, they are short but he gets a long story in your mind, he brings things to your head that aren't even said, he's amazing! His books continue to grow and his books are getting better by the day, I don't understand how he can write so many books and make them better every time because you'd think a writer like him would be done after writing so much but he's not, as I said he is determined and works his best all the time and his best is only getting better.

What are the varying themes portrayed in the authors books? My author uses many themes but many are similar just don't mean the same thing. They all get down to the same point but as I said have a different sense or meaning to the readers. As I recently used the themes for my past books, you can tell that they are nearly the same and the author just wants to get the point out there that you can do whatever you want if your determined and really care as both of those previous themes portray. Gordon Korman wants to spread the word that the world is not all sunshine and rainbows but you can do whatever you want whenever you want if you make it happen for yourself, and put in the work to make it happen in the end. Korman has a life example of that because he started as a normal child just like every kid in Chisholm and made something happen, he put in some effort and that's all it took and that's all it takes for anyone to get where they want to be one day! Overall Gordon portrays the theme that you can do anything that you want if you set up your mind to it as his books back that statement up.

How the authors life is reflected in his/her work? Gordon has had many life changes since he became a writer as you'd expect. His life has reflected the best anyone could think of. His writing has tooken off and he's written many books and nearly all of them are successful, at least 20 have won awards and that's a success alone! His writings have reflected on him and impacted him as well as no one would know, he's written these books and even though they don't relate to him they relate to others and he knows which makes him happy! He has become a happier person since he started writing because of knowing about how many other people he helps make happy every day and it's just a heart rushing thing for him to hear all he does for everyone and he truly does a lot for all readers of his books. The authors life has pretty much just changed since he became a writer and it seems to me like he understands and enjoys the world more, I mean how couldn't you? So, overall Gordon's life has majorily changed in a positive way since he became a writer he is technically a new person since he became a writer, people look up to him, trust him, and love him and he loves that.

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