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Ten Things to Consider When Purchasing a Hardwood Gym Floor

The Road to the Final Four is paved in maple. And so are the majority of gymnasiums at every level of competition across North America. Before you buy a hardwood court, consider these 10 things.

Basketball Court Design as Branding Tool

Expressing the team brand — and promoting it with information such as a URL and Twitter handle — in the court design has become a staple of professional and collegiate basketball teams, and the trend is even filtering down to the high school level.

Manufacturers Continue to Improve the Basketball Goal

Improvements in the basketball goal — from breakaway rims to padded stanchions — have helped create a safer game (and resulted in fewer shattered backboards).

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance for Hardwood Courts

A minimum of a once-daily dry mopping and tacking is recommended, but what does that mean? Moreover, do the people taking care of the floors understand why they're doing what they're doing?

Technology Makes Accommodating Gym Activities Easy

Modern gyms are rigged to convert from basketball to badminton, or from softball practice to a commencement ceremony — always with efficiency, safety and the maintenance of the hardware in mind.

Inspections, Monitoring Key to Optimal Gym Operation

When dealing with the equipment in a gymnasium, particularly large, overhead components like basketball goals or gym dividers, when things go wrong, they can go very, very wrong.

Protecting Gym Lighting, Sprinklers and Scoreboards

A gymnasium is a high-activity environment, and while most of the components found within are designed to live up to the abuse of its users, overlooking the few vulnerable elements can prove costly for gym operators.

Addressing Water Damage to Hardwood Courts

The majority of facilities will likely be lucky enough to never experience a significant flooding incident on their hardwood court, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be prepared for it.


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