Galapagos Travel Brochure

Galapagos is multiple islands that connect to each other. There are many people that live there and appreciate the land and it animals. There are many animals that live there w=but the main animals were the Giant Tortoise, Fiches, Land, and Marine Iguanas. Some of these animals are slowly becoming extinct but the people of Galapagos are not going to let that happen.
This is a Giant Tortoise one of the most amazing creatures in Galapagos. They are really big and weigh up to 417 lbs. The Giant Tortoise lives close to the mountains and is a herbivore. Their life spam lasts about 150 years. They also hang in shallow ponds and cool off from the heat. The Giant tortoise are slowly coming back up away from extinction. Today in Galapagos it is illegal to capture one of these tortoises.
This is a Finch, one of the worlds most beautiful birds in Galapagos. The are medium sized birds and is part of the Frigidaire family. They are adapted to eating seeds with their curvy beaks. their mass is from 0.28-0.48 oz the are light birds. These birds are adapted to be in tall trees so it is pretty hard to see them but once in a while they come close to the ground in search for food. These birds are gentle but you need to have slow movements in order for it to not feel threatened.
This is a Marine Iguana, Not mistaken for the Land Iguana this one is adapted to live on the shore. Marine Iguanas like to stay by the sea so they can cool off and go into the ocean to hunt. Marine iguanas have special claws that keep them from falling into the ocean, the claws grip the rocks on the shore. These Iguanas swim into the sea and hunt for fish. If you are at Galapagos you would probably find one of these creatures.
This is a Land Iguana, he is one of the three species of the genus Conolophus Their skin colors are mostly yellow with some black spots. Their size grows up to 3 feet long and weighs up to 30 pounds for male Land Iguanas. The oldest a Land Iguana lives up to is 12 to 15 years. The mostly live under shady areas and sandy Shores. Land Iguanas eat Cactus fruit, insects, and any other kinds of fruits.
Plants in Galapagos are wonderful for the environment. Plants gives life to the island and helps the animals in many different ways. One way is that plants are a source of food which is great for animals to get their foods. Another way is that Plants can be shelter for animals, One way is that certain birds can make a home out of the cactus and the thorns don't effect them which is good to drive out any kind of predators.


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