Sports, they can vary from running around, skill, or strategy. One reason I love sports is it gets you active and you can do it with your friends too. Some sports that include running are soccer, basketball, field hockey, football, baseball, and more. Almost all sports are played on different types of fields. Some sports can be played on a gym court, a turf field, grass, or a diamond with gravel and grass which is also known by a baseball field. When you think of a sport, you think of something when you are running or active, but not a lot of people remember that cheer or gymnastics. I think that cheer and gymnastics should be considered sports, because you are very active, it takes energy and hard work, and pushes you to do even more than you already doing. There are other sports also, such as swimming, volleyball, and water sports. As you can tell, there are so many different sports, different rules for them, and different places to play them all! Do you play a sport? How does affect you and your lifestyle? After hearing this, do you think you might try a sport?


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