Economic Crisis in Greece BY : Taylor Wright

Greece has an amazing country and should have a large sum of money, but is forced to be held back because of the alarming amount of debt they have yet to pay.
Because of the economic downfall, many businesses are unable to afford workers outside of their families. All of the citizens that are left without jobs, gain more troubles in keeping a roof over their head and even gaining a job.
These people struggle to find jobs in the effect that businesses refuse to hire those who are young and inexperienced, or has been without a job for a certain amount of years.
"The longer a person is unemployed, the less employable they become. Re-entering the workforce also becomes more difficult and more expensive."
Solutions to the economic crisis has been in debate for many months now. The Euro Zone has been reluctant to consider either of the two options currently be proposed. Either they allow Greece a temporary leave of the Euro Zone to recover the debt in their own currency, or to increase the already high taxes of the citizens and give up certain privileges till the debt is payed off.


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