Augusto Pinochet By:michael white

Augusto Pinochet ruled as Chile's dictator for 17 years, but started out as the leader of the military for Chile. he over threw the Allende government, and made himself the leader. he used an air assault on the presidents palace and started yelling "Unconditional surrender! No negotiation! Unconditional surrender!" when the president tried to speech. he also made a constitution that made him president for 8 years, and set up a voting system that allowed the people to vote for their leader, and his helped keep out bad rulers like the Allende government, and made the people happy because they have the power to select the person who leads their country.

Augusto wasn't always the nicest person. he created a secret police force to complete an assassination in Argentina, Rome, and even in the United States, with a car bombing.

Chile is located in south, western South America.

Augusto Pinochet interacted with other cultures in a good, and bad way. one good way was he got peoples attention by the way he acted twards things, and lots liked his way of leading, but some hated him a ton, and he had assassinations in multiple countries, and got arrested in the UK.

Augusto got his power by over throwing the old government, and giving himself the power. he kept his power by putting fear in people, and people loved the way he ruled.

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