Alternative Spring Break A mural recap

This is our history, but it's not in your average high school textbook. This past quarter, enrolling in Jerold Yu and Joriene Mercado's Alternative Spring Break was probably one of the most eye-opening classes that I've had in awhile. It reminded me of why I enjoyed history -- to learn about stories that need to be remembered.

This is a "digital mural" of a handful of the topics that we addressed over the past ten weeks. I was always amazed by walking through the Mission and witnessing eras of history blend together -- in Balmy Alley Murals, you can literally walk from the past to the present. I wanted to do the same with the images and ideas we were presented with -- as you scroll down, you get closer and closer to the present.

Week 2: Know History, Know Self
U.s. Colonization of the Phillipines
World War II, and In Dependence
The Marcos Era
The Power of the People: Mobilization in the Phillippines
Labor Export Policy
The Fall of the I-Hotel

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