Project 3 Manufactoring Nathalie Mena-Rodriguez

In Project 3 we were asked to sketch anything we desired. I chose to sketch these products above. Each is made from a different machine that I will go into depth with. DFM stands for Design for Manufacturing. It basically means that there are ways to reduce cost and the amount of parts involved in a design. We can implement DFM into any machine process to increase efficiency
Here I have my BMW SLA printed product. I first designed this on a piece paper and then sketched it onto a program called SolidWorks. The design went from SolidWorks to the SLA machine and took approximately an hour and 40 minutes to make. Once it was ready to be taken out of the machine it was not done just yet. It had to stay about 15 minutes in alcohol and then be left to dry.
My BMW key chain stayed in the alcohol for about 10 minutes. Once the time was up it was still sticky. It was put back inside for another 10 minutes and was left to dry again.
This is my ACDC key chain. It was also made on SolidWorks and then the code was taken to the Laser cutter machine. This machine I found to be more accurate, precise, and most promising. It was also one of the fastest machines I worked with. Before the laser cutter cuts anything you are given three options. These are to engrave, cut all the way out and to etch. Here in my design above and I chose to engrave my design in the wood.
My initial woodblock was made on the SRM-20. It was made by a machine that shaved away wood using a drill bit. This machine takes experience to be able to run the machine at a fast past with promising results. Setting up this machine incorrectly can result in increase waiting time, and the machine completely stopping and freezing halfway through the design.
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