Inner City Children and Technology Using technology to improve the overall LEARNING ENVIRONMENT at PerryMont elementary school

Schools that are in lower economic areas such as Perrymont Elementary School in Lynchburg, Virginia will benefit from technology in their classrooms.

Classrooms at Perrymont do not have a lot of technology in their classrooms, so the technology they get can be simple or it can be advanced.

Teachers can use this technology to implement games, quizzes, and many other actives into their classrooms to help engage students.

When students are engaged, they are more willing to learn.

When students are in a positive learning environment they will be motivated to do their best!

Created By
Madison Cisneros


Created with images by Lindy Buckley - "classroom" • cambodia4kidsorg - "Computer School" • US Department of Education - "Duke_Ellington 96" • flickingerbrad - "student ipad 015" • US Department of Education - "IMG76" • popofatticus - "computer work" • One Laptop per Child - "Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia" • OakleyOriginals - "Happy Students"

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