Creating Equilibrium Alexandra Tomlinson

Design Process

The Design

The design behind the model was to create boxes that appeared to float, and a base similar to that of a boat. The basic elements of the design include the cross-section base made of dowels, and three wooden cubes of different sizes. The majority of the design is built upon the tension created by the strings that connect the wooden blocks to the base.

The Construction Process

In building the model, it was pertinent to account for all forces that would occur throughout all phases of construction. In order to successfully add all the blocks, an additional tension wire had to be added to prevent the base from falling backwards.

This model exhibits both tension and compression. The strings that keep the blocks flush demonstrate tension, while the pressure the blocks put on each other along with the force acting on the support beam demonstrate compression. Friction is also a key force in the stability of the model; the base is held in place utilizing the friction between the dowels and the wooden base.

The Finished Product

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