Team profile page By Eleanor, Alicia, Olivia, Vi and Anqi

Throughout PBL, our group has worked effectively and collaboratively. Each person in the group has brought their own unique skills to the team. For the project, Olivia found some of the information, wrote the script for the video and helped edit the video. Eleanor has helped find the information, created the website and edited some of the video. Alicia has helped find photos, helped to make the video and found out some of the information. AnQi has helped find some information, filmed the video and helped with the inDesign poster. Vi has completed most of the indesign poster, found photos and helped find some of the information. Altogether, the group has worked well together and created an informative video, webpage and poster.

Eleanor -

During Project Based learning, I have learnt many things that I never knew before. Project Based Learning has widened my knowledge of KRB, and understanding of the many hard times that theses girls had to face. Our group has worked very cooperatively, and has managed to finish the work with time to spare for checking over our website, video and poster, to make sure everything is up to standard. Everyone one has contributed to our project, to make it look unique and neat. I have made the website, with Olivia helping me with the information. Project Based Learning has been very fun, and I have enjoyed it very much.

Alicia -

I have helped with the video, found photos, and found some information. Since interviewing people about Sister Phil, I have learnt a lot about her that I didn’t know. Some of these things are that she worked in the boarding house and she was a very nice lady who made people feel welcome. I learnt a lot of stuff about our school's history that I did not know. It was very interesting to learn that the rooms near the art rooms were used as an air raid shelter in WWII. On the first day we saw the old uniforms, old photos, old cups, etc. So far I've liked PBL sometimes it can be boring but it is very interesting and I have learnt lot.

Olivia -

During PBL, I have found a lot of the information for the website, poster and video, written the script for the video and helped with the video. I have learnt a lot about the gritty moments in KRB’s history and how they have developed determination, hope, belonging, purpose and wellbeing. PBL has helped me to work well in a group, to research in depth questions and to create a spark webpage. Looking at the school archives has helped with the information and has given us great original photos. The whole group has contributed to the project and brought different skills to the group.

AnQi -

In the past few days, I helped with the filming of the documentary and gave ideas to the In design poster. I have learned many things about KRB’s history and how the hard moments have made our community more resilient and strong. Being able to look at the KRB archives has been a privilege and is a great source of original photos, uniforms and diary entries. Project based learning is a great way to learn things in an interesting cooperative manner.

Vi -

I have designed the InDesign poster, have found good photos and helped find some information. Throughout this project, I have learnt a lot that I didn’t know before like the school’s history, Sister Phil and what it is like in the past. We got a chance to look at the archives and we have looked at the photos of the school in the past, the nuns when they were at school and the old uniforms. Everyone in our group has contributed in the project and worked together as a team.

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