Dominican Santo domingo

A common recipe in the Dominican Republic is La Bandera, it is the national dish. It matches the colors of the country's flag that have rice, red beans, meat and salad. All Dominican cuisines include basic things like meat or seafood, rice, corn, plantains, yuca, and other things like corn .
The Dominican Republic say they are Christian but 90% of the people claim to be Roman Catholic. Dominican Catholicism mixed with Roman Catholic traditions and African ceremonies.
It Is located in the continent of the Caribbean. It shares an island with Haiti.

Women's role in the Dominican Republic is mostly doing domestic work. They cook,clean, watch children, and also marry young.

They don't work outside of the home, and they tend to be important to the community and the government . They go to college and the majority of people who go to college are them .

The men are the decision makers and financial providers or "head of the family". Machismo for a Dominican man is having strong masculine pride. Machismo is anything that men say, think, or do to show themselves as men.

Dominican males see themselves as conquistadores (conquerors), of women. It's a game they play to see how many women they can “conquer.” Each woman they claim is added as a notch to their belts, which increases their status as male.The aggressiveness of Dominican males can be a lot to handle for people new to the country.

GOVERNMENT- The Dominican Republic is divided into twenty-nine provinces, they are each ran by a governor ,who is appointed by the president. The President, Vice president and a bicameral Congress of thirty senators and 120 deputies are elected by popular vote every four years. The voting age is eighteen years old.


Merengue is the most popular form of Dominican dance in the musical life. In the Dominican Republic dance and music is in everyday life. Merengue is the most popular form of Dominican dance, and dominates the musical life .

Bachata is another type of Dominican music and dance that is very popular . It focuses on life in the country and romances.

Taboos - n the DR people bathe with Presidente beer to help them tan better. After a large meal or dinner Dominicans think it's taboo to shower after you eat,. They believe if you open up the shower head, you will get a cramp and drown while showering.
The language spoken in the DA is Spanish. However along the border with Haiti they speak French Creole .
HOLIDAYS- Dia de los Reyes is celebrated because it’s the day when the three wise men come and give gifts to baby Jesus. Another is Semana Santa, which is the holy week before Easter. Urban families go to the beach or mountains to pray.
It was the first place reached by Christopher Columbus. He originally named it La Española. The Dominican Republic is the oldest country in America, and the first place reached by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Santo Domingo is the first capital city of North and South America and houses the first cathedral. The Dominican Republic fought for their independence from Spain, Haiti and the United States.

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