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Adjusting to the Changing World

As the world went into quarantine to "Flatten the Curve" of COVID-19, PC took quick and decisive action to ensure the continued success of our students in this new "Virtual" world.

Porterville College, like many other institutions across the country, needed to formulate a response to this unprecedented crisis rather quickly. Luckily we had some time on our side. The stay at home order from the Governor was announced during our Spring Break. This gave students the time to adjust to a new reality while allowing us the opportunity to better support our faculty as they prepared to offer classes in a "virtual" format. This extra week also gave us more time to prepare to meet the anticipated needs of our students when they would "return" to their classes.

During this time, it was also determined that we would extend our Spring Break for one extra week and move all classes online, beginning Monday March 30, 2020.

The extra time was used wisely. We provided design and technology support to our faculty and staff as they transitioned to new delivery methods for classes and student services.

"I am so thrilled with the diligent response of our faculty and staff during this crisis. They are incredible professionals in every way, and I am proud to join them in ensuring that student success remains our top priority!" -Dr. Claudia Habib

Teams came together via phone, email, and zoom meetings to prepare to provide our services in a new, completely virtual, environment.

As we followed the "stay at home" criteria set by the CDC and Governor Newsom, we utilized the Porterville College web site and other technologies to make nearly all of our student services available "virtually". Staff adjusted to helping students succeed with these new tools. Faculty continued developing their courses in creative ways with the help of our education media specialist Sarah Phinney - and each other.

Communication In Crisis

Due to the nature of this crisis, information changed almost daily. That highlighted the need for quick and accurate communication to faculty, staff, and students through reliable channels. We began "crisis communications" almost immediately - notifying students of the extension of spring break and the move to online classes.

Communication with students, faculty, and staff continued as information became available. Messaging was accomplished through social media posts, email, video, text message, and the Porterville College web site.

The newly re-organized PC web site (shown above)

The web site was re-organized to become a better informational resource for our students - adding pages for the community, students, and faculty to quickly find information and resources.

New informational organization on the Porterville College web site.

We also added enhancements to our service pages to allow virtual communication with students and our counselors and departments. This included:

  • "Live Chat Cards" on several of our counselor pages and contact areas.
  • A new chat bot on our Library page that allows students to "talk to a librarian".
  • Increased use of our existing FAQ chat bot "Patches" for financial aid, and other student services, help.
Additions to the Porterville College web site service areas.

Connecting from a "Virtual" Place

President Habib has been utilizing video messages to keep a connection with students, faculty and staff. Her messages are shared via email, social media, and the web site in both English and Spanish.

PC Virtual Forum

Connecting with faculty and staff through Zoom Forums

The Porterville College Administration recently started a weekly "Virtual Forum" with Staff and Faculty to address their questions and concerns, to provide transparency, and to keep the lines of communication open for all. Our first forum was a success with over 100 staff and faculty in attendance!

Students Supporting Students

Our students have been helping to support each other through this crisis as evidenced by the ongoing conversations happening on social media. Student questions are often answered by other students and offers of help have been shared by those who can.

"It's truly encouraging to see students continue to support each other "virtually" during this transition to a very new way of experiencing campus life." - Roger Perez

We even saw our KCCD Student Trustee (and PC Student) Christian Chavez send a message of support to her fellow students during this difficult time.

Feeding our Students

We would like to recognize the extraordinary efforts of the Financial Aid team for continuing to support our students, and our community, with our Pirate Pantry. Each Thursday, food is provided to those students who need it and their families via "curbside" pickup at the campus.

Dr. Habib joins the Financial Aid team for Pirate Pantry Food Distribution

Providing Needed Technology

In order to ensure student success, we're making technology available to some of our students without access to the tools they need to take online classes. Thank you to Athletic Director Gerred Link and IT Director Jay Navarrette for coming out in the rain to help distribute laptops to students who need them!

Athletic Director Gerred Link distributes technology to students in need.

Changing to meet student needs

Both our RegFest and PC Connect events "went virtual" to meet the needs of our students. Through a "virtual" version of each event, we were able to continue to offer early registration to continuing students and High School seniors who qualified. The last day to drop classes for the spring term was extended to April 9 to allow students to adjust to the online reality of classes and to ensure that they explored all of their options before making this decision. We are currently conducting a "call project" to reach out to students and ensure they are making the right choices when it comes to their success.

“Our campus may be closed and our buildings empty, but our faculty and staff are very much ready to assist you in your learning and your success.” - Dr. Claudia Habib
PC Supports the CIty-Wide Effort to keep people home and safe during the Easter Holiday weekend.

Stay Home. Stay Healthy.

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