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virtual cohorts launched

Virtual cohorts are cost effective, doable and taking over Parakaleo! We went from 0 to 19 cohorts in nine months!

Alejandra Espinoza & Cristobal Cerón, Church Planters in Chile
“Since Nashville [Parakaleo] has been a balm to my soul…each training was more beautiful than the last but I didn’t experience the ‘click’ in my soul and mind until I participated in the [virtual] cohort. Oh, what a blessing!!!!! I now see what it means [for someone] to come alongside me applying the grace of God which I’ve never experienced before in a ministry for women... They provide guidance and support and the most beautiful part is that [my husband] Cristóbal, has been a witness to all of this. He says that since I’ve been in Parakaleo, I’ve changed. He now senses my support for him and the church like he hasn’t experienced before. I am super thankful!...

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where in the world is parakaleo?

More places than you might think! 2018 brought many opportunities for us to bring Parakaleo tools and training to women around the globe through networks, local groups, workshops, conferences and intensives.

TRAINING INTENSIVES: Arequipa, Peru | Babson Park, FL | Guadalajara, Mexico | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Lake Martin, AL | Lima, Peru | Melbourne, Australia | Mobile,AL | Monterrey, Mexico | Medellin, Colombia | New York, NY | Nashville, TN | Orlando, FL | Santiago, Chile | Sydney, Australia | Taipei, Taiwan | Tokyo, Japan

NETWORKS & LOCAL GROUPS: Athens, GA | Atlanta, GA | Baltimore, MD | Central Florida | Chattanooga, TN | Chicago, IL | Columbus, OH | McLean, VA | New York City, NY | Nashville, TN | Northeast Ohio | Raleigh, NC | Wilmington, DE

WORKSHOPS: Annapolis, MD | Chattanooga, TN | Cincinnati, OH | Chicago, IL | Hamburg, Germany | Orlando, FL | St. Louis, MO

Check out the highlights below.

parakaleo training


Four years ago the Chilean ministry, Fundación Generación, paid for two women to attend a Parakaleo basic training event in the U.S. With a desire to take this ministry to Chile, these women continued on with our leadership training. Two years later with funding and administrative help from Generación, they hosted their first Parakaleo Basic in Rapel, Chile. By 2018 they had started two local groups in Santiago and hosted this Basic training event with financial help from individuals, the gift of a retreat location, and participant fees.

“Those who experienced this training for the first time discovered release for their souls and rest for their bodies. It’s important for us to have this experience together so we learn that we are not alone, that other women [in church planting] have the same challenges and joys, sorrows and battles. We also need these amazing tools so we can see the gospel in a practical way. Parakaleo, by helping us form a network of support especially among different denominations, is uniting us as sisters in Christ! I’ve seen these women begin to love church planting ministry more [than they have before]." Chilean trainer
Fruit to Root (one of our tools) in Spanish
Clockwise: Stephanie van der Westhuizen, Lorrie Deringer, Alejandra Espinoza, Amy Robertson, & Cristina Caires


It wouldn’t be a Parakaleo training if we didn’t find a way to make our learning theological, practical, visual & memorable!

The Yarn these women are using (this is a Parakaleo training favorite) poignantly represents how complex a “simple” situation can actually be. In this exercise women practice active listening and question asking. The woman in the middle briefly shares a current struggle. Each woman in the outer circle contributes a thread of yarn when asking the middle woman a clarifying question. Each thread represents another facet of her struggle. Those asking questions learn the importance of being more curious than certain. The woman physically tangled in thread often begins to experience a mental untangling from the help given her by the group.

As with all Parakaleo training, the impact is in the debrief where we connect content and truth with the expectation to learn from everyone.

More scenes from Parakaleo training intensives. Click on a picture to enlarge.

Here for Her in 2019

How do we do all this cool stuff?

Jesus performs miracles with what we offer him. But have you noticed he invites us to join him? God has miraculously been using your generosity in 2018.

We’re saying "Do it again Lord! Do it again in 2019!"

Last year we raised $10,000 in our first end-of-the-year campaign.

This year we want to raise $20,000.

Will you be here for her?

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