Minutes 2.15.21 By Secretary Kibler with additional help from Senator DOerflein, Senator NEwell, and Senator Mazzeo <3

Call to Order

  • Call to Order at 7:00 PM
  • Invocation given by Senator Goodroe
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call: Missing Senator Drinks, Catoe, Strickland, Tewksbury, Wolf
  • Nomination Period:
  • President:
  • Senator Wood: nominated Secretary Kibler
  • Senator Goodroe: nominated Senator Rogers
  • Senator York: nominated Senator Billbrough
  • President Pro-Tempore:
  • None
  • Secretary:
  • None
  • Clerk:
  • None

Academic Affairs

Carson Wood

Committee Report


  • Use Notice of Absence form if you are temporarily going online due to COVID.
  • Study space reservation form: https://libraries.clemson.edu/seats/
  • Professional Shadowing Program - LAST INFO SESSION ON TUESDAY
  • The Michelin Career Center will be offering a new program this semester, Professional Shadowing Day Pilot Program. Professional Shadowing day is a volunteer “job shadowing” opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to spend 1-day shadowing at a professional company. Students will have the opportunity to observe working professionals in order to investigate a career field by experiencing what a typical day looks like at a company. The shadowing day is an unpaid, volunteer experience.
  • Attendance at one of the information sessions is required before you can apply for the program. Applications will be due on 2/28 and shadowing experiences will take place between March-May.
  • Info Sessions:
  • 2/16, 12pm-12:45pm, https://career.sites.clemson.edu/calendar/event_rsvp.php?id=2717
  • No plans and no conversations about modifying spring break.
  • Working on developing a QEP Topic:
  • Trend 1: Improve connections between courses and real-world issues, especially via application and analysis.
  • Trend 2: Address time to graduation for transfer students and/or students who change majors
  • Trend 3: Identifying and addressing issues in gateway courses (high enrollment, high DFW rates), especially those with equity gaps.
  • Trend 4: Infusing high-impact educational practices across major courses of study.
  • Feedback / ideas link: https://clemson.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6eSVxcBFw5Wz7TM
  • Looking at about 45K applications for Clemson for Fall 2021, up from roughly 30K last year. Almost done with reviewing applications, decisions should be going out in the next few weeks.
  • Still working on precise dates for registration given how complicated modality is when planning 5 months ahead.
  • Likely to see changes in current convocation schedule, decisions being finalized in next couple of weeks.
  • Currently planning summer schedule: any faculty which wants to teach in-person should be able to. Will still have online classes as usual (summer is usually roughly 50/50 between in-person and online)


  • None this week but things coming soon!

Upcoming meetings: Please reach out to me with input / ideas before these meetings!

  • Weekly meeting with Dean Griffin, Mondays @ 12:30pm
  • Academic Affairs, Thursdays @ 7pm

Quote of the Week:“Change Senate into a dragon.” - Sophie Finnell

Contact Info:

  • Phone: (434)-221-4063
  • Email: cwood7@clemson.edu
  • Instagram: carson.wood.12
  • Snapchat: carson.wood

Questions: none

Campus Life

Tate Fowler

Committee Report

  • Campus Life deals with:
  • Housing
  • Dining
  • Mail Services
  • TigerOne Services
  • Town-gown relations with the Clemson community
  • We also work together with Residence Hall Association (RHA), an organization designed for the benefit of on-campus students

Updates and Meetings:

  • Dining Student Advisory Board this past week
  • Chick-Fil-A has brought back their full menu
  • Starbucks McAlister hours will be extended one hour later (5 pm)
  • Food truck woes
  • Original generator wasn’t working; new generator just installed
  • Waiting on DHEC inspection and approval
  • Hoping to get up and running by end of the semester
  • Reusable to-go box program

Tigerflix Recommendation of the Week:

  • Southside With You
  • In honor of Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day

Contact Information:

  • Phone #: 843-609-6377
  • Email: tatef@g.clemson.edu
  • Instagram: @tatertotfowler
  • Snapchat: @tatertotfowler
  • Tik Tok: @tatertotfowler

Questions: none

Finance and Procedures

Matt Innocenti

Committee Report


  • NEW COMMITTEE MEETING TIME: Sundays from 4:00PM-5:00PM.
  • Want to meet with me? Here is link to set up a meeting with me: LINK
  • Food Drive is still going! Please continue to donate canned goods for a chance to receive committee points!
  • Temporary Rules
  • Link to Robert’s Rules Cheat Sheet



  • Admin Meetings
  • Meeting with Tony this week
  • Funding Board:
  • Annual funding applications are now CLOSED. Over 170 organizations applied, which is more than the goal we set!
  • CUSG Elections Updates:
  • Elections Committee passed another set of Temporary Rules for this years elections. I have attached below. PLEASe read through them and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!
  • 1st Set of Temp. Rules: LINK
  • 2ns Set of Temp. Rules (JUST PASSED): LINK
  • Elections are STILL HAPPENING regardless of how many declared tickets there are for SBP/SBVP.


  • 1st Read: Temporary Rules for Internal Senate Elections, Student Fee Committee Recommendation
  • 2nd Read: Out-of-Pocket costs recommendation, Internal Senate Election rules amendment
  • Possible legislation coming soon: Other bylaws amendments, PSAB Appointment bill, other recommendations coming soon


  • Committee Projects - Governing documents overhaul, Student Fee Committee permanent non-voting student seat, Funding Board outreach
  • Matt - Working with Carson/Dean Cox on policy regarding class material cost reduction, tuition freeze recommendation/coalition, Capital Improvement Project, SFB outreach
  • Ben - CUSG Formal
  • Andrew -Consulting Club formation
  • Kelsie -Food Drive, meeting with Carson about Science credits GPA showing in Degree Works, CAFLS delegation outreach with Dean of CAFLS
  • Davis -COB Delegation projects, met with Matthew Chisholm about golf tournament project
  • Callie - Food Drive, OER Data collection and legislation
  • Campbell - TBD, but if you need help with anything, let her know!!
  • Megan - Financial Literacy Week, working with Carson on curriculum flow charts, virtual Valentine’s Day cards for St. Jude

Contact Information

  • Phone: 980-318-0614
  • Email: minnoce@g.clemson.edu
  • Instagram, Snapchat, Venmo: @mattinnocenti

Questions: none

Health and Human Services

Cassidy Smith

Committee Report


  • GA Tech Health & Safety Chair reached out to me about possible partnership, more details to come!
  • QPR training (Question, Persuade, Refer) - brief & practical suicide prevention training
  • Free & virtual workshop open to students, faculty, and staff
  • Learn skills to reduce suicidal behaviors and save lives
  • Still sending out invitations for Flipgrid virtual Health Fair
  • Should have a meeting with new CAPS director next week
  • Clemson’s If You're Reading This chapter is live!! Check out the website www.ifyourereadingthis.org & follow them on Instagram at @ifyourereadingthisclemson
  • Scheduling meeting with USC Student Gov. Health Secretary about Listeners On Call app

COVID-19 Updates

  • If you are virtual and are coming to campus for elections, email covidsystemssupport@clemson.edu and inform them that you will need access to campus 2/22
  • For clarification: if you are exposed and you are asymptomatic for seven days in quarantine & you get a negative test on the seventh day, you no longer have to quarantine
  • Download SC SAFER TOGETHER app - completely anonymous & easy way to contact trace!

COVID-19 & Mental Health Resources

  • Clemson health resources: https://linktr.ee/clemsonhealth
  • Self-reporting positive tests: call Redfern at (864) 656-3571 and dial “1” at the menu
  • University Resources
  • Clemson University’s COVID-19 Page
  • Wellness Wednesdays sessions through Student Health Services
  • Available here
  • CARE Report link here
  • For after-hours psychological emergencies, a CAPS on-call counselor can be reached through CUPD at 864-656-2222
  • For help that can be accessed anywhere, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Committee Projects

  • Thomas - Campus Rec. virtual workout video archive
  • Andrew - Clemson & Sober visibility, campus safety
  • Jordan - Student Health Insurance Transparency/Health Insurance Literacy
  • Dorsey - Clemson Community Coalition, suicide prevention training
  • Jerry - Virtual counseling messaging app through CAPS
  • Min - Bringing therapy dogs to campus
  • Cass - Contraceptives, all-gender bathrooms, COVID-19 resources, Listeners On Call

Committee Meetings are Sundays at 7 pm over Zoom!

  • Contact me anytime!

Good News for Your Monday: The Empire State Building is now 100% powered by wind, along with 13 other similar buildings!!!

Please reach out to me anytime!!!

  • cassid7@clemson.edu
  • (706) 614-8917
  • Insta: @cass_idy19
  • Snap: cass0cass
  • She/her/hers

Questions: none

Inclusion and Equity

Tyler McDougald

Committee Report


Meet With Me


  • National Disability Empowerment Month presents: CU Adaptive Sports and Recreation
  • Come learn about the history of adaptive sports, the Paralympic Sports movement, the U.S. legislation that supports these efforts, and how Clemson University is emerging as the newest institute of higher education in the U.S. to provide intercollegiate adaptive sport opportunities for student-athletes with disabilities. February 24th.

New Stuff:

Project Spotlight: Classroom Bias Incident Response

  • Matthew Jordan & Scotty Moore
  • Check out these instagrams @blackandbrownatclem and@lgbtqatclemson for our inspiration behind these projects!
  • Working on a project around biased incident reports, and we are trying to get some sort of comfort accountability statement on each syllabi. If someone feels uncomfortable in a class because of one of their identities, they can fill out an anonymous form, and then the professor or teacher will have a discussion with the dean or administration. This program exceeds at the ASC and Brown university, so we are trying to implement those programs for all courses at Clemson!

Continuing Stuff:

Committee Happenings:

  • Committee meeting time TBD!
  • Projects:
  • Will: Implementing Community Service opportunities to pay for parking tickets; Philanthropic dinner for CUSG to provide money for the student emergency fund
  • Scotty: Creating a Sexual Assault Research Commission
  • Matthew: Peer Dialogue Facilitator (PDF) Curriculum Development, Inclusive Dining Options
  • Mya: Gender Neutral Restrooms
  • Thomas: CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT!!!; Latin Honors resolution; QEP; Title IX, It’s On Us Partnership
  • True: Expanding Gender Neutral Restrooms; Reviewing Clemson Undergrad Application for equity.

As always, if you think of any idea, legislation or otherwise that pertains to Inclusion and Equity, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Contact Information:

  • Email: gmcdoug@clemson.edu
  • Phone: 864-630-2067
  • Instagram: tylermcdougald1
  • Twitter: @TylerMcDougald
  • Snapchat: tyler-ricardo
  • Call/Text/Email me to talk about I&E, politics, literature, or social isolation!

Questions: none

Innovation and Technology

Sophie Finnell

Committee Report

I&T Updates:

  • IT Student Advisory Board funds 1-time sustainable, tangible IT related projects on campus on a rolling basis. Approximately ~$180,000 left to allocate this term
  • https://ccit.clemson.edu/about/governance/it-student-advisory-board/
  • Clemson Data Lab established in June 2020 - collaboration between CCIT and School of Computing, offers research assistance for data-related projects! If you’re interested in learning about data science or doing data-driven research, check out their website
  • cecas.clemson.edu/datalab
  • CCIT highlighting Black innovators and tech pioneers throughout Black History Month - follow @ClemsonIT on Twitter for daily updates!

Clemson Tech Resources:

Committee Project Ideas:

  • Grayson: Senate Friendsgiving, Mentor/Mentee, Formal!
  • Casey: Revamping The Big Event (Clemson-wide Day of Service), iPad Constituency Report
  • John: funding wireless access points all around campus, resolution giving students access to market events & spread info through the virtual billboards around campus. Military resolution
  • Kaitlyn: Expanding accessibility and awareness of Creative Inquiries, personal finance day, standardize tables with chargers, add Room Reservation Form (Watt & Cooper) to my.clemson app, my.clemson interface update, educating Clemson profs on the different bells and whistles of Canvas, Zoom, etc., making Zoom classes a standard going forward.
  • Steven: I&T create user-friendly guidelines for online banking, holiday shopping - avoiding online scams & fraud (Reference Guide)
  • Travis: Increasing printing accessibility, streamlining campus COVID-19 positive test result response & course of action
  • Sophie: preferred names on Clemson web systems video, CUSG reddit presence, all-gender restrooms
  • Raleigh: Revitalizing Student Union Ad-Hoc Committee, Tunnel of Expression

Geek of the Week:

  • Shirley Ann Jackson is a physicist & current President of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She was the first African-American woman to earn a doctorate at MIT and the second African-American woman in the United States to earn a doctorate in physics.
  • P.S. Shirley Ann Jackson is also a winner of the National Medal of Science!
  • https://president.rpi.edu/president-biography

Contact Information:

  • (864) 678-0055
  • sfinnel@g.clemson.edu
  • Insta: sophlysophreshsoclean

Questions: none

Student Activites

Taylor Rogers


Committee Report


  • Committee at 6:15pm on Monday’s via Zoom
  • Baseball tickets are first come first serve for 110 student tickets.

Projects for the Semester:

  • Yoga on Bowman w/ Campus Rec.
  • Led by the Campus Rec. Yoga instructors
  • At sunrise or sunset
  • Need a name for this that is catchy!
  • Simplifying the Events form
  • Working with John Tewksbury
  • Moving the PDFS to online
  • Combining all Appendices
  • Student Gov. Scavenger Hunt
  • Partnered with athletics
  • Amazing prizes
  • A week long event this semester
  • Outside & social-distanced
Past and current SA members running into each other this weekend!

Shark Fact of the Week: 🦈

  • While being transported, sharks that are caressed are more relaxed indicating that even an animal considered low on the intelligence scale responds positively to the warmth of love.

Contact Information:

  • Email: trroger@clemson.edu
  • Phone #: (214)960-9332
  • Insta: @taylor.rogers

Questions: none

Transportation and Facilities

Davis Cooney

Committee Report

T&F meets on Sundays from 2-3 PM!


  • Still waiting to hear from Cabinet about Parking Court
  • Looking forward to tonight!!



  • Brittany - Tunnel of Expression legislation, Brittany asks some of the best questions you’ll ever hear
  • J.T. - more mo-ped parking, brainstorming other ideas, He is super talented behind the mic
  • Joey - Freshman parking legislation, Extending Snow Facility hours, Joey has such an articulate way to how he speaks
  • Leila - Freshman parking guide, I am working with her on this, I love the energy Leila has brought to committee
  • Matthew - School provided transportation to different events around Clemson, Douthit parking, Matt’s creative ideas are awesome for such a young Senator
  • Jason - always makes me feel heard, which is nice considering how much I talk lol
  • MARY-FRANCES - I don’t know what I would do without my co-leader of T&F! She makes my job so easy

Golf Thing of the Week:

  • Jordan Spieth is playing good golf again! Maybe 2021 will be our year afterall...


  • Mary Frances:
  • Cell: (803) 636-7694
  • Email: mfhuggi@c.clemson.edu
  • Instagram: mary.frances__
  • Davis:
  • Cell: (864) 483-3955
  • Email: dcooney@g.clemson.edu
  • Instagram: davismc22

Questions: none


Matthew Spencer

Officer Report

Currently reading/watching/listening.

  • Let's do our best for CI. Be ready for elections!
  • Happy Valentine's day!!
  • Random content recommendations!
  • Ranking movies by color. Green = Good! Yellow = Middle Ground. Red = Not worth your time.
  • Beserk - Green
  • Queen's Gambit - Netflix - Green
  • Bachelorette - Hulu - Green
  • Midnight Gospel - Netflix - Yellow
  • True Blood - Green
  • The Dark Pictures - Little Hope - Yellow
  • Disney Pixar’s - Soul - Green
  • WW84 - Yellow
  • Fatale - Red
  • Bachelor - Matt James Season - Green
  • The Little Things - HBO Max - Red
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox - Green
  • Judas & The Black Messiah - Green

Clerk’s Outreach Panel

  • Elections coming up
  • RTHA Stickers
  • Senate talent show
  • Senate external elections
  • Senate Valentines movie night



  • Summary
  • SRE 6
  • Create a Commission to Research and Address Rape and Sexual Assault - I&E
  • SB34
  • Capital Improvement - Exec
  • SRE 7
  • Add Permanent Student Representation on the Student Fee Committee - F&P


  • Legislation - 5:00PM Friday.
  • Announcements - 5:00PM Sunday
  • Driving - 12:30 PM Friday

Meme of the week

Contact Information:

  • Call me: (336) 471-0434
  • E-mail: Mspenc5@g.clemson.edu
  • Instagram: @makaiio

Questions: none


Abby Kibler

Officer Report


Interested in Secretary? Feel free to reach out to me! I would be happy to talk with you more about the position, the responsibilities, etc.

Capital Improvement:

  • Tonight!!!
  • Please be respectful of everyone’s projects and amendments!
  • Yield Time to Evan and Clare
  • Evan: Even though we are no longer under consideration, we thought that it would be a good idea to share our future plans. I want to first thank everyone for investing your confidence in us and allowing us to come to speak at Walkthrough. When I got the message on Friday afternoon that the office of student affairs had taken our project out of consideration, it did come as a surprise because just 2 days prior, we had met with the office of development of planning. I have now learned that it will take more time to bring the project up to university standards in order to be implemented at Clemson University. Our feasibility was very close, but just not quite there. These offices have now given us the opportunity to be a mentor to us so we can come back and hopefully get funded next year. As for what we are doing now, the biosystems club is still rolling with this project, meeting with respective admin, and doing the necessary research in order to apply for next year.
  • Clare: After talking to Barry from facilities last year, I learned that while he does like the idea, he wanted to change the design process to make it more user friendly and unique to Clemson. I definitely want to come back next year for Capital Improvement, and I appreciate all of the feedback and advice I have gotten throughout this entire process.


  • Monday, February 22nd: Senate Elections
  • REQUIRED! Start thinking ahead now if you will have to leave early/arrive late (fill out an absence form if so)


Absence Form:

Committee Cup

  • 2 points for posting a CUSG graphic
  • 4 points for posting a CUSG graphic on 2+ social media platforms
  • Only get points the FIRST time for posting a graphic
  • 5 points for coming to a CUSG event
  • To get points, you MUST text me with evidence of posting the graphic on your story or a pic of you at the event
  • Updated Committee Points:
  • Academic Affairs - 106
  • Campus Life - 117
  • Finance and Procedures - 190
  • Health and Human Services - 286
  • Inclusion and Equity - 119
  • Innovation and Technology - 133
  • Student Activities - 58
  • Transportation and Facilities - 184

Senator of Week

On this day in History:

  • 1879 – US President Rutherford B. Hayes signs a bill allowing female attorneys to argue cases before the Supreme Court of the United States.

Contact Information:

  • Phone #: 803-530-9423
  • E-mail: akibler@g.clemson.edu
  • Snapchat: @abbykibler4
  • Instagram: @abby_kibler
  • Tik Tok: @abby.kibler

Questions: none

President Pro-Tempore

Jainada Williams

Officer Report

Driving meets on Fridays at 12:30pm


  • Click link
  • Dorsey - Acetone by Landom Conrath
  • Ben - Pretty Boy - Neighbourhood
  • Grayson - Dance in room song - Sipper
  • Mary Frances - Reminiscing by Little River Band
  • Tsagan - New Man - Ed Sheeran
  • Clare - Butterflies by Kacey Musgraves
  • Sidney - yellow by katherine ho
  • Matt - Everything I love - Temecula Road
  • Jainada- Didn’t Cha Know- Erykah Badu

Spring Talent Show

I will be hanging out in the Student Government offices this week!

Senate Playlist

Black History Fact of the Week: Dr. Michael Obeng was the name of the man that removed the Gorilla Glue from Tessica Brown’s hair. Formulated a solution to dissolve the bonds

Contact Information:

  • Phone #: 864-451-0144
  • E-mail: jainadw@g.clemson.edu
  • Snapchat: @jainadahh
  • Instagram: @jainadahh
  • Kik: jainadahh

Questions: none

Student Body VP

Emma Canedo

Officer Report


  • Meeting with Dr. Miller this past week
  • First senior gift meeting last week
  • Have a splendid week senate fam :)

My Contact Info:

  • Phone: 678-756-2146
  • Email: ecanedo@g.clemson.edu

Questions: none

Senate President

Hunter Bond

Officer Report

  • Second Week of nominations
  • Student Union Adhoc Committee
  • If you are interested in an executive position please reach out to me and exec
  • Meeting with Dr. Miller
  • Looking at alternatives for funding Redfern
  • Athletic Fee
  • Plans to build Union
  • Legislation Agenda
  • Presentation/Speakers Timeline
  • Steering Feedback Form

Contact Information

  • (864) 923 - 9087
  • hbond@clemson.edu
  • insta: @huntercbond
  • snap: @hunterb65

Questions: none


  • None


Old Business


  • Purpose: A recommendation whose purpose is to reduce out-of-pocket costs for courses and promote the use of open educational resources
  • Authors: Senator Lewis, Senator Innocenti
  • Sponsors: Dr. Rachel Getman, Margo Courtney, Kenetra Johnson, Senator Wood
  • First Rights: Senator Lewis: This is a recommendation for reducing the out-of-pocket costs for courses. We are really trying to promote that professors use resources and software that comes free with the university. Some professors use programs like Packback and RPN now, which you have to pay for when a lot of times those software don’t really benefit students as much as the free programs.
  • Pro/Con:
  • Con: Senator Draughn: Let’s continue the debate!
  • Pro: Senator Wood: these things all benefit students, and Dean Griffin already knows about these listed items and is willing to have more discussions on this in the future!
  • Con: Motion: Senator McDougald: move to call SRE5 into question
  • Last Rights: Senator Innocenti: Thank you for your support on this, and I want to give a huge shout-out to the CI team led by Dr. Getman!
  • SRE5 does pass


  • Purpose: A rules amendment to amend the rules regarding senate officer elections
  • Authors: Senator Kovacs, Senator Innocenti
  • Sponsor: Samantha Hayes
  • First Rights: Senator Kovacs: This is pretty much what we talked about last week. It is just some rule changes that we have gone over before and were brought about last year. These rules are for election night and specifically go over how much time you can talk, what would happen if you speak very negatively about someone, and how voting will take place.
  • Pro/Con:
  • Con: Motion: Senator Tiffin: move to call SRA2 into question
  • Last Rights: Senator Innocenti: This procedure is pretty standard, so I’m ready to get this passed!
  • SRA2 does pass

New Business


  • Purpose: a recommendation to create a commission to research and address rape and sexual assault
  • Author: Senator Moore
  • Sponsors: Senator Tiffin, Senator Newell
  • First Rights: Senator Moore: The main purpose of this is to create a committee to address rape and sexual assault on campus. We have heard multiple stories about this issue through March for Survivors and the Sit-in, so we know this is a prevalent issue. As I was doing more research on this, I saw that the last time Clemson had specific statistics about rape and sexual assault was in 2010. We are in a widely different world than in 2010 in regards to things such as dating apps and other technology that have grown since 2010. In terms of the committee, the main purpose would be to conduct research and offer recommendations that would hopefully turn into senate bills. The committee will consist of 2 professors, 1 staff member, 8 students appointed by the Title IX office, and 2 representatives appointed by the CUSG Senate I&E and HHS Chair.
  • Q/A:
  • Senator Gardner: Are you expecting the recommendations to be similar to ones currently advised, or will these be entirely new recommendations based on data collected? The recommendations will probably be similar to the ones currently advised, but I also foresee a lot of nuances in regards to mental health. That is apparently a very prevalent issue in regards to rape and sexual assault. Being backed by the professors and the Title IX office will give us more legitimacy to these recommendations though.
  • Senator Jordan: Do any of Clemson’s peer institutions have a commission for rape and sexual assault? I am not sure if it is a committee per se, but I know that there are institutions that have a group and do additional research on this topic. As I was looking this up and researching this issue, a lot of universities go to a third-party companies to do the surveys and research. Seeing that and how other universities have been willing to get feedback from their students about the issue of rape and sexual assault led to the creation of this bill.
  • Senator Jordan: Are the students a part of itsonus and Clemson students for survivors guaranteed to be members of this committee? I believe that they should still apply and go through the same processes. If anything I believe their experiences in either organization would entirely qualify them to be able to take on the responsibilities of these positions.
  • Motion: Secretary Kibler: move to send SRE6 back to committee
  • SRE6 is sent back to committee

Motion: Senator Innocenti: move to bring forth a set of temporary rules regarding elections next week

Temporary Rules

  • First Read:
  • First Rights: Senator Innocenti: Basically, we had two challenges we had to solve with elections this year. One, how do we handle elections with covid, and two, how do we handle elections with a hybrid format? We do go into executive sessions throughout the internal election senate, and that comes with a lot of challenges with maintaining confidentiality. Every little thing that can change with elections has two other things that also have to happen. This lays out a clear process for what will happen next Monday. The CUSG Elections Director and Assistant Director will be in person, and there will also be some elections board members online to monitor those who will be on zoom. Further, you will have to get tested on or after Thursday of this week in order to attend in person, and I will also encourage everyone to not go out to big parties or events this week. Also, if you will be eating, you have to eat it outside of the auditorium. As for technology, we are asking people to not bring technology in the room, and if you are bringing technology, we will be collecting your phone so you can’t text or call others during speeches, q/a, or executive session. For those that are online, you have to have your camera on and be unmuted. There is no exception on that unless you have been approved to be unmuted because of background noise. If you have any technical issues, please reach out to Hunter or me as soon as possible. Those are the big highlights, but I promise that this is everything we have to do in order to make our elections run smoothly.
  • Q/A:
  • Motion: Senator Fowler: move to suspend the rules and send Senate Elections temporary rules into second read
  • Second Read:
  • First Rights: Senator Innocenti: Looking forward to next week, and it will be great to see everyone in person! I am excited about next week and the future of our body!
  • Pro/Con:
  • Con: Senator Vazquez: let’s keep the convo moving!
  • Pro: Senator Wood: these rules were carefully crafted!
  • Con: Motion: Secretary Kibler: move to call Temporary Rules into question
  • Last Rights: Senator Innocenti: I will add some resources regarding elections to the canvas page this week, but it’s going to be a great and exciting senate meeting next week!
  • Temporary Rules do pass.


  • Purpose: A recommendation to add permanent student representation on the student fee committee
  • Authors: Senator Innocenti, Senator Kovacs
  • Sponsors: Senator Tiffin, Senator Dean
  • First Rights: Senator Innocenti: This is a recommendation to add permanent representation on the student fee committee. This is something my committee and I have been working on all term. Basically what this committee does is faculty and staff members go over all of the fees that students have to pay, such as lab fees, academic fees, and career center fees. Currently, right now, if there is a fee that is proposed, the student government is supposed to be notified, but the procedure right now does not allow the senate to have enough time to respond to their request. This recommendation is calling for the SBP, graduate student body president, and the CUSG F&P chair to sit on the committee so that students can have a greater say.
  • Q/A:
  • Senator Jordan: Were previously optional tuition fees made mandatory this semester because of the pandemic? I think in years past there were certain departments that were more lenient with their fees. I think the University cracked down on that a little bit and told them they couldn’t do that. A lot of fees, like the transit fee and I&T fee, students can’t get out of it, though, unless in rare exceptions.
  • Motion: Senator Finnell: move to send SRE07 back to committee.


  • Purpose: An appropriations bill to allocate Capital Improvement Funds for the 2020-2021 Senate Term
  • Author: Secretary Kibler

First Read

  • First Rights:
  • Secretary Kibler: I’m just going to briefly go over how the first read process will go. First, I’ll call on each of the presenters to give any updates they have. Then, Senators will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters. Finally, we will vote to move into second read.
  • Updates from projects:
  • Senator Newell: I’ve sent you all a copy of a brief update sheet I prepared for tonight. Attached in that are a few budgetary outlines and images of the space for reference and to address questions asked during the CI Walkthrough. here
  • Aparna Mahendranath: We have a few quick updates. Our project has to be fully funded in order to take place, so if you fund just one part, it wouldn’t really work because we need all parts funded to get in place. Our project also goes in line with Clemson’s 10-year sustainability plan because we want to reduce traffic and carbon emissions from cars.
  • Clayten Barnes: For the military heritage project revamp, there were questions about a portion of our budget. I do want to let you know that we have broken down our construction budget and modifications, and I will send that into the chat. I have been informed that our project has also been approved by maintenance.
  • Senator Tellur: I have spoken with Anna Popko who is the liaison between GrubHub and Dining Hall. She is fully on board, and if I do receive funding, she is ready to implement this project immediately. I did go back and contact the Auburn director, and he told me that they have not had to hire additional staff for their mobile order systems, but it is not a concern for them.
  • Megan Edge: My biggest update is that based on administration recommendations, our project can be allocated up to 3,000 dollars, and that was based on Barry’s recommendation.
  • Calvin Dodd: Since last week I did want to clarify that I have communicated with University Facilities to ensure that the monument I’ve proposed fits the aesthetic of the University. I also met with the Student Affairs office and will follow up with them upon receiving funding.
  • Krissy Matthew: We are still going strong, and we are ready to answer any questions you may have.
  • Q/A:
  • Senator Billbrough - Memorial for Abraham Davidson: I have one question for Calvin Dodd. Has the Office of Campus Planning and Design given any opinion on which of the two options you have presented to us? The purpose of having the two alternatives was to accommodate the committee of naming and facilities. The office of planning and design is going to help both of the alternatives meet the aesthetic requirements. I was asking for the higher alternative in terms of funding so I could have that security, so that’s why there was a range.
  • Senator Moore - Parking Sensors / Mobile Dining Orders: In the event that Capital Improvement funding does not fund these projects, have you looked into receiving ITSAB Funding for these projects? Senator Tellur: It is something I am considering and will apply for if I don’t get funded tonight. Aparna/Davis: We have not considered ITSAB at the moment, but if we do not get funded, we will definitely consider it. Every time I talk to people across the student body, however, a lot of students have concerns over parking, so that is why we came to CUSG Capital Improvement Funding first since we represent the student body, just as CUSG does.
  • Senator Bynum - Makerspace: If you receive funding and create a new space in Cooper Library, how will increased intern staffing for this new space be funded? We actually were given funding to expand our operating hours but it is only allocated for paying workers during open hours.
  • Senator Smith - MHP Revamp: What are your priorities if you are not given the full funding? Our number one priority is to replace the current medals and the encasing there as well as to properly label the medal of honor since it is mislabeled.
  • Senator Billbrough - Makerspace: If you are allocated less funding than the total amount for the walls, what would this funding be dedicated to? If we are allocated less than the $64,600, it would still go towards the walls. It may not be the same space, but we would still put the money towards building walls to expand the current space.
  • Senator Henze - Makerspace: You mentioned a five-year plan for expansion during Walkthroughs. How do you see this plan’s implementation being funded? We are looking at getting funding from other sources in the future. We are working with donors and Dr. Miller to figure that out.
  • Senator Bynum - Makerspace: If I go to the library to print a paper, it cost 10 cents per page, but have you considered making people pay for their projects or sculptures whenever they print? Our purpose for being free is to allow access for all students. Requiring a fee, in our minds, defeats the purpose of what college is for: receiving innovative solutions for a low cost. We do not want to implement a fee to allow maximum accessibility to users throughout campus.
  • Senator Gardner - Community Garden: With the garden being off the main campus, are there any plans in the work to create a parking lot or a bus stop? If you look at the pictures I took, you can actually see that gravel lot in the second picture. That is a parking lot that people can park in to go to the garden. I would not really call this area completely off-campus, and there are parking lots around it.
  • Motion: Senator Finnell: move to suspend the rules and send SB34 into second read

Second Read:

  • First Rights: Secretary Kibler: Just to outline how this will go, as we start second read, we will enter into a period of hostile amendments, each of which will go into second read. Just to reiterate, each hostile amendment can include an additional hostile amendment to this hostile amendment. I would also like to discourage senators from presenting projects to refrain from making hostile amendments. As a reminder, those of you in the Senate Zoom who are not senators may not engage in pro/con debate.
  • Pro/Con:
  • Con: Motion: Senator Tiffin: moved to back a hostile amendment on SB34

Hostile Amendment #1 - Senator Tiffin, Senator Kovacs, Senator Smith, Senator Moore

  • First Read of Hostile Amendment #1:
  • Purpose: change the allocations of C11 Parking Sensor Projects to $40,000, change military heritage project to $30,000, change memorial for Davidson to $3,000, change makerspace expansion for $38,000, change Brackett hall of flags project to $2,645, change Clemson community garden to $25,000.
  • Senator Tiffin: We decided to fund the full C11 Parking Sensor Project in full as well as the Brackett Hall of Flags Project because these projects are tangible and feasible and will leave a lasting impact on Clemson’s campus.
  • Senator Smith: We allocated the military heritage plaza and the community garden over half of what they requested. For the military heritage plaza, this amount will fund the replacement of the few metals as well as any installation costs. For the community garden, we set aside $25,000, which will allow for the project to be completed at a lower cost. The presenters of this project showed us cheaper alternatives, and with $25,000, this project is still very feasible.
  • Senator Moore: We decided to fund the Memorial for Abraham Davidson $3,000, which is less than what was initially proposed; however, we believe that this memorial could be produced at this cost. In regards to Clemson Makerspace, we felt that the request for over $90,000 to be imprudent given the total amount to be allocated. Because Makerspace has an advantage on campus because they have been able to receive funding through other methods. We also do recommend, however, that they do seek out a corporate sponsorship in the future even if they do get funded tonight.
  • Senator Kovacs: The only project we decided not to allocate funding to was the Mobile Orders Project because we believe that it is better suited as a Clemson Dining project rather than a project for Capital Improvement due to a number of concerns with Grubhub partnership, as well as training and staffing for the dining halls, food safety concerns, and an overall lack of perceived demand for this project’s implementation. As awesome as we think this idea is, we don’t think this is something we should take on at this time.
  • Q/A:
  • Pro-temp Williams: I may have missed your explanation for the Clemson Community Garden Project, could you please go back over your decision to underfund this project? Senator Smith: We gave the over half of what they were requesting, which was initially ~39,500 dollars, but after looking at all of the different options they had for funding, we found out that there are many ways for this project to be completed with just $25,000. They had the opportunity to change the walkway for the garden, how much is spent on the planets for the garden, etc., but that is why we picked $25,000.
  • Senator Wood: The community garden has the option to be funded at $17,000 or $31,000, so which option would they pursue? Senator Newell: Just to clarify, we actually don’t see the university backing the $17,000 option, so we would be pursuing the $31,000 option through additional university funding.
  • Senator Jordan: Have you done any calculations beyond what the additional funds for the Brackett Hall of Flags are since you gave them $945 more than what they requested? Senator Innocenti: We could receive funding up to $3,000 for our project just because of labor costs, this was the recommendation from University Facilities. This additional funding would be used for this labor cost rather than procuring additional flags.
  • Senator Adams: Would this $900 additional allocation for the Hall of Flags be better suited if it were given to another project, such as the Abraham Davidson Memorial, which could perhaps benefit more from this funding? Although we do think the memorial is really cool, the amount allocated does fully fund it while the amount for the Bracket Hall of Flags project leaves more room for adjustment since it is much more wide-reaching across the student community and therefore could use the extra funding.
  • Motion: Senator Goodroe: move to suspend the rules and send this hostile amendment into second read
  • Second Read of Hostile Amendment #1:
  • First Rights: Senator Tiffin: We are open to any potential hostile amendments to change our allocations, and are excited about the further debate.
  • Pro/Con:
  • Con: Motion: Senator McDougald: move to make hostile amendment, move to change 1000 dollars from Military Heritage Plaza Revamp Project to Memorial for Abraham Davidson
  • Objection: Senator Wood: We should get numbers on the board first before we start making a hostile amendment on a hostile amendment.
  • Objection is upheld
  • Con: Motion: Senator Bynum: move to call hostile amendment #1 into question
  • Objection: Pro Temp Williams: I would like to vote by parts.
  • Objection fails
  • Last Rights: Senator Smith: This is basically our hostile amendment to allocate these funds. I think the projects that will receive these funds will be able to complete their projects, and I am really excited about it.
  • Hostile Amendment #1 does pass


  • Pro: Senator Fowler: let’s continue on with debate!
  • Con: Motion: Senator Bynum: move to make a hostile amendment

Hostile Amendment #2 - Senator Bynum

  • First Read of Hostile Amendment #2:
  • Purpose: change military heritage project to $36,845, change makerspace expansion for $0.
  • First Rights: Senator Bynum: I believe that the Military Heritage Plaza Revamp should be fully funded, especially given our recent passage of a resolution calling for making Clemson the most Military Friendly Campus in the nation. We have the money to allocate to ensure this plaza receives all of the funding it needs to be the center of this new effort. I have no qualms with Clemson Makerspace; however, the funds for allocation had to come from somewhere, and I felt this was the best place for these funds to come from. I would also like to remind the body that we are not obligated to allocate all of the funding we have for capital improvement, we can retain some funding to allocate next year.
  • Q/A:
  • Senator Innocenti: Why are you choosing to give them extra funding when they have the $10,000?Looking back at the presentation, I realized that the total project budget was $46,000. This additional funding is calculated into their request for Capital Improvement funding, which was $36,845.00. With this additional $6,845.00 allocation, this project will be fully funded.
  • Senator McDougald: In the spreadsheet Secretary Kibler sent out for the military heritage plaza revamp, the last line does say that the cost will more than likely be up to $60,000 for total completion. So I am wondering why you didn’t bump up the funds to $50,000? My own personal question was if I should propose the $50,000 in full. I reached out to Clayton and he claimed they only needed the $46,000 to cover the funding. This project has external funding opportunities already and since they only requested the amount of $36,845, this is all we should expect to provide them.
  • Senator Moore: Out of all of the current allocations, why was Clemson Makerspace the place you chose to subtract funding? Senator Bynum: The reason Makerspace is on the chopping block for me is because as a returning senator, I have seen makerspace return to Capital Improvement year after year. Obviously, they are an asset on campus, but they have already received upwards of $600k, and I would love to see other projects funded.
  • Motion: Senator Wood: moves to send Hostile Amendment #2 into second read.
  • Second Read of Hostile Amendment #2:
  • First Rights: Senator Bynum: I just want to make sure that we as a body practice what we preach. In signing the resolution to make Clemson the most Military-friendly university in the nation, we need to set an example. By funding the MHP Revamp, we promote the university to further pursue this plan.
  • Pro/Con:
  • Con: Senator Tiffin: The fact these numbers for the budget were all estimates and not guaranteed, this budget is not set in stone and I, therefore, struggle to support it. Also, if it is possible for this project to fund itself with fundraising projects, it would be wrong to allow our funds to be allocated towards this project and take away from other projects which would benefit much more from the Capital Improvement funding.
  • Pro: Senator Brandenburg: I am a member of this campus’s military community. The repairs proposed by the Military Heritage Plaza Revamp are very conservative. This plaza has been in existence for over 30 years and has not received any repairs. This area of campus is front-and-center for tours, promotional material, and daily life at Clemson.
  • Con: Senator Moore: I would like to emphasize that the estimates given during the presentation were hesitant. Because of that, it makes me feel uneasy giving them full funding when other projects have a budget more set in stone. I don’t think the central issue looking or operating the way it does is because of the Military Heritage Plaza, so that it is really a different area we need to look at if there’s a concern there.
  • Pro: Senator Vazquez: One of the first places they took us, as army contract officers, was to the Military Heritage Plaza. I believe the idea for the project is great, but as previous senators mentioned these numbers do throw me off since they are estimated. I definitely believe that the $30,000 number was a great start, but the biggest problem I have is that makerspace is such a staple point of the University and should be viewed as such. I believe that the military revamp project should stay at the original $30,000 as stated before.
  • Con: Senator Wood: When I think about this project, it reminds me of the McGinty Hall project. The purpose of funding that project was to kickstart donors putting funds forward to fund the project more. I think the difference between 30k and 36k is minuscule and will still show alumni and donors that this is an important project they could help fund. In terms of the Makerspace, I think it is important to note that they have some of the best statistics, and decreasing their amount of funds by that much seems extreme.
  • Pro: Clerk Spencer: I am echoing the sentiments of previous senators by saying this: I believe that the increase to the military project is a step in the right direction, and I also agree that this additional funding would be beneficial since the Military Heritage Plaza holds such a great significance on our campus and needs a good deal of additional funding to assist with the revamp due to its current state. More importantly, about the Makerspace, I think a central part of Capital Improvement is supporting a diverse set of ideas. I think there are a lot of other projects that should also get funded, but I don’t think we should just give them $0.
  • Con: Senator Innocenti: I am definitely in full support of providing more funding for the military heritage revamp, however, I am not in support of zeroing out makerspace. I remember the last term when I zeroed out makerspace due to the multiple boards which have provided the makerspace with funding in the past. However, after serving on multiple funding boards, we should not allow these boards to judge them for what they are allocating their funds now. I don’t think it is a good look to ex out of makerspace just because we don’t think it is tangible that they keep coming back. I don’t support giving makerspace $98k, but I would support giving them any funding because I truly think we should try to allocate all of the funds we have.
  • Pro: Senator Newell: I'd like to thank the author of this hostile amendment, just for ensuring the liberty to present hostile amendments to this legislation is granted equally to all senators. I love the continuity funding the Military Heritage Plaza Revamp provides given our passage of a resolution to promote Clemson to #1 for Military-Friendliness. Furthermore, I feel that the cut to Clemson Makerspace is by no means unwarranted, given that Clemson Makerspace has stated no matter the allocation it receives from Capital Improvement it will be spent on the same line item. For a budget of almost $100,000, this 6% decrease does not seem deleterious in the long term. All-in-all, love the debate tonight, I just want to promote the notion that each member of the body has equal say in how this money should be allocated see the senators debating this legislation be as diverse as possible.
  • Con: Senator Finnell: The Clemson Makerspace has received just under $500,000 from funding already since they have proven time and time again that they are very beneficial to the student body and the services they offer. Moving forward, I wish to see at least $31,155 provided to the Makerspace since the walls they wish to fund are a one-time fund they wish to provide for which is ideal for the expansion of the Makerspace. Also, just because the makerspace provides a lot of money does not mean they are qualified for funding from ITSAB and they should therefore receive the funding from Capital Improvement since they provide such excellent opportunities at Clemson to students from all different majors - including nursing.
  • Pro: Senator Adams: To echo the sentiments of previous senators, I believe that going forward the allocation of $36,845 for the Military Heritage Plaza is the correct amount. As a freshman senator, it seems puzzling that Clemson Makerspace has continuously applied for Capital Improvement funding when the purpose of this funding is the diversification and expansion of CUSG’s tangible impact on campus.
  • Con: Senator Kovacs: I think 30,000 dollars is a great way to start allocating funds to the MHP project. The military community is not applicable to all students, but the Makerspace is a huge part of campus and all students can have access. Tonight, we have the opportunity to fund all of the projects, and this amendment is hurting that opportunity.
  • Pro: Senator Brandenburgh: I’d like to steer this conversation further away from the decrease in funding to Clemson Makerspace and highlight the impacts of the increase in funding for the revamp of the Military Heritage Plaza. Just to clarify, the $10,000 endowment being discussed in this presentation is a commitment from Clemson Core, an alumni association. This project could use much more funding than they have requested for work that could be done in the future but is not even being discussed because of the lack of potential funding. Furthermore, this space is not used only by ROTC or Military-affiliated students. Every student of Clemson University comes into contact with this area of campus. It appears in countless photographs of campus, attracts tour groups, is used for ROTC drills, and is overall an integral part of the student experience at Clemson.
  • Con: Senator Draughn: I would like to think about taking funds from the parking space project instead. If we took $10,000 from here, we would be able to fund the other projects and the parking project could still receive funding from Clemson University. We were also very quick to rush the cancellation of funding for the mobile orders project and maybe we should be more considerate about allocating money to this project as well.
  • Pro: Senator Fowler: About 3 days ago, I was against funding the MHP. I didn’t believe that the presentation was convincing, but I do believe this is a worthy project and should get this funding, and if not, more. This is a very iconic part of Clemson University. I am sure you know or will know people who take pictures for graduation in front of MHP. In terms of Makersapce, this is my third capital improvement project, and I think this is a great year where we can partially fund almost every single project rather than just focusing on the Makerspace.
  • Con: Senator Moore: A lot of the debate continues to center around “not liking makerspace.” I believe that this is sending a message that this hostile amendment is trying to take the funding for Makerspace away, and to combat this we should create another hostile amendment to allocate the $30,000 (give or take) back to Makerspace.
  • Pro: Senator Adams: In truth, the MHP and makerspace are two very different projects. A lot of younger senators don’t feel connected to the MHP, and a previous senator said it best in that we have walked through the MHP every day. I think wanting this iconic part of campus to look its best is more about pride rather than not wanting to fund makerspace. I think by funding the MHP, we can give it a revamp which hasn’t been done for many decades. Giving the MHP this money to put their best foot forward to make Clemson look its best is something we should strive for. The makerspace is putting a lot of stress on the funding boards that they have requested money for, and I think going forward, there should be more conversations between the administration and the makerspace.
  • Con: Senator Wood: I completely agree with the points regarding the necessity for the Military Heritage Plaza Revamp; however, the way this hostile amendment currently reads, this increase in allocation for the MHP Revamp comes directly from the Makerspace. I want to recharacterize the Clemson Makerspace as an organization desperate for funding, rather than a greedy organization vying for funding from any group willing to give it to them. The Cooper Makerspace was in need of an expansion when they presented to this body two years ago. Their usage has increased greatly since this date. I will only support this change to the allocation for the Military Heritage Revamp if it is taken from a source other than the funding for Clemson Makerspace.
  • Pro: Clerk Spencer: I want to reiterate the point that zeroing out the makerspace is not to say that we would give them $0 for the final allocation. Rather, that would be a starting point. I still do support increasing the funds for the MHP though.
  • Con: Motion: Senator Innocenti: moves to vote on this hostile amendment by parts, by first voting on line 19 and then voting on line 21.
  • Last Rights: Senator Bynum: Just to reiterate, I was not suggesting a permanent decrease in the funding allocated to Clemson Makerspace. I would have left the number for Clemson Makerspace the same had I known that there could be temporary overages within our budget. I understand if the body wishes to fail line 21, but hope to see Line 19 pass.
  • Approval by Parts:
  • Line 19 does pass
  • Line 21 does fail
  • Hostile Amendment #2 does pass by parts.


  • Pro: Senator Innocenti: Great work to everyone!
  • Con: Motion: Senator Wood: move to make a hostile amendment.


  • First Read of Hostile Amendment #3:
  • Purpose: change Clemson community garden to $0
  • First Rights: Senator Wood: We talked a lot about all of the different projects in the AA committee on Thursday. Essentially, we were very concerned about how far away the community garden was on campus. Both years that I lived on campus, I lived in core and no one wanted to go to their car. Especially for the people living on the east campus, I don’t think anyone will want to walk to their car to drive out to the garden or walk to the garden. We didn’t think that the garden would be used that much, especially since most of the garden will be maintained by students. Additionally, when you are talking about projects that really impact a lot of students, this community garden will not have a large impact or be noticed as much.
  • Q/A:
  • Senator Innocenti: Is there transportation for Clemson Students out to where the community garden location is proposed? Senator Newell: There are multiple routes on the CATBUS that get really close to the community garden. It is also an 11-minute walk from the east campus and a 9-minute walk from core campus. The only data I don’t have is how far the walk is for Douthit students.
  • Motion: Pro Temp Williams: move to send hostile amendment 3 into second read.
  • Second Read of Hostile Amendment #3:
  • First Rights: Senator Wood: waive
  • Pro/Con:
  • Pro: Senator Vazquez: I think this project could turn into something people want and disregard the concern with a potential change in priorities. Students one day might desire to travel and plant new plants in this location, and then within a couple of weeks lose this desire and suddenly no one takes advantage of this location. Then it could turn into a graveyard of plants once students lose interest. In addition, the location, being off-campus, also poses an issue. I also believe some of this money could be better allocated towards the MHP revamp and the Makerspace project.
  • Con: Pro Temp Williams: We pride ourselves at Clemson on being a military institution, but also we pride ourselves on being an agricultural institution. I think with Clemson being so big with agriculture, this can become an educational resource for the students of CAFLs. By saying that people won’t be excited about this, I think that it is speaking on your own personal opinion. I do believe that there are senators that would love to go to this community garden.
  • Pro: Senator Goodroe: My concern has been in student interest and I want to preface this by saying this is a phenomenal idea and I do not wish to compare the work put into other projects, but there was certainly a lot of work placed into this project idea. However, I do not believe the authors could have done anything better to develop student interest, and this is my concern. It is a little bit of a commitment and on top of that, the reason this hostile amendment was brought was that this would be a 15-minute walk and this is an issue with regards to students gaining an interest in participating.
  • Con: Senator Adams: I think thus far in the argument a big concern is student interest, however, I believe that if the option for a community garden is open, the right students will be attracted as long as they know it is here. I personally spend most of my time on the ag-quad side of campus and many students, including myself, have the desire to get involved with dirty work just like this. All we currently see is concrete everywhere, so at least having the opportunity to grow plants, even with a decent walk, will bring student interest to get involved. The students who truly wish to commit their time to this project will make the walk to continue interest in the project. Overall, this is a wonderful project which should be supported.
  • Pro: Clerk Spencer: I really like this hostile amendment for a couple of reasons. I think a lot of the projects we have this year are really good and we should be funding those projects as much as can. I think it is something to keep in mind that we are already not funding a lot of the community garden. I understand the worries about how much this project will be used, but I am also concerned about the costs that this project will incur in the future. Gardens do have a lot of maintenance costs, so that is something to keep in mind.
  • Con: Senator Winchester: I personally think we should be funding the community garden. I am not personally a green thumb person, but I do know there are a lot of people who love plants on this campus (architects, parks and rec majors, etc). In these programs, you will find we have way more than 40 students and there is certainly no concern with student interest. There are even classes centered around involvement with environmental projects just as this one. In addition, the purple route with the CATBus will have you dropped off right across the street from the proposed location. In addition, there is only a 5-minute walk from the current student testing location. This could also provide an aesthetically pleasing experience for students, which would lead to many students taking photos within the garden and ramping up promotions on social media, and bringing more involvement with ease. This brings people back into nature and people would love to see this change on campus.
  • Pro: Senator Franke: I really admire the community garden and the sentiment that we have that we want to fund each project. The main concern I have is the sustainability of this project. In AA, our biggest concern is that this one-time fund is not going to cut it, both in terms of money and upkeep and also who is going to oversee the garden. I think it is really important that we only fund projects that we are so certain in and can see them as tangible. I don’t want us to decide to split up our money because we want to fund every project. We need to think about the projects in terms of their relative impact on campus. Think about how many people this is going to impact, how we are using our money back, and the fact that we can use money in the pot.
  • Con: Senator Bynum: I wish to reiterate that there will not be a problem with student interest. I would also like to point out that right now if we don’t pass this hostile amendment, we’re giving the community garden $25,000. If you look at the updates Thomas sent before the meeting, this amount falls right between Thomas’s two lowest proposed options with money left over. This remaining money (exceeding the cost of the lowest tier option) could go towards other projects if we were to revise the amount allocated towards this project. In addition, we will have a consistent source providing compost - the dining halls. This garden will allow us to leave our mark on campus while also providing an excellent opportunity for students to enjoy - especially during this pandemic.
  • Pro: Senator Fowler: Let’s continue to debate!
  • Con: Motion: Senator Mazzeo: move to call hostile amendment 3 into question.
  • Last Rights: Senator Wood: I would like to start by thanking the authors of the project. I would like to also address a previous senator’s point that we could go with the cedarwood option but the officials do not like this option due to the maintenance required. Therefore, the $31,000 proposed as a higher tier without the gravel option would be required to properly fund the project with standards that require less maintenance and have higher support from Clemson officials. Although I agree that the community garden would be used, the fact that there are concerns with the project, even with some solutions, makes it on a lower tier than other projects presented this year. The other projects will have a long-term benefit for years to come and these benefits are quite clear. Therefore, I believe it is more beneficial to fund these other projects since their benefits are much more valuable than the community garden project and should therefore take funding from this project. I do not necessarily believe this should be zeroed out, but I do agree with changing the amount allocated. Keep in mind we are currently over budget and to think about which project(s) you value the most.
  • Hostile Amendment #3 does pass


  • Pro: Senator Fowler: I would love to see a discussion on the mobile ordering system.
  • Con: Motion: Senator Tiffin: move to make a hostile amendment
  • Objection: Senator Vazquez: a lot of the changes that Senator Tiffin wants to make are for projects that are already set in stone
  • Objection is upheld
  • Con: Motion: Senator Jordan: move to make a hostile amendment
  • Motion does fail
  • Pro: Senator Tiffin: Let’s keep this debate going!
  • Con: Motion: Senator Vazquez: move to make a hostile amendment and change Community Garden Project fund allocation to $17,000.
  • Objection: Senator Wood: We just discussed decreasing the funding for this project to $0. Not worth our time to discuss the project more.
  • Objection is upheld
  • Pro: Senator Wood: Thank you Abby Kibler for all of the work and I highly encourage people to propose hostile amendments on what we haven’t discussed yet.
  • Con: Motion: Clerk Spencer: move to make a hostile amendment to change line 22 (Mobile Ordering for Dining Hall Pilot Program) to $17,000.
  • Motion does fail
  • Pro: Senator Billbrough: I wish to point out that we have objected to or voted down the past three motions to go into a hostile amendment so we are getting far along. If there is nothing else we have not talked about before, then we can leave this funding for next year.
  • Con: Senator Vazquez: I do see that discussion is somewhat winding down and I wish to hear if anyone has anything to say about the mobile order project.
  • Pro: Senator Fowler: I am upset we have not discussed the mobile order project yet. As the CL chair, I believe the mobile order project is a really good project and is a pilot program. So, any concerns regarding feasibility or any constraints, this is a pilot program and it has been talked about and approved with Dr. Miller, Head of Housing, Head of Dining in addition to GrubHub. We have also talked to other universities that have completed a similar project and implemented it. This could provide many benefits to students overall.
  • Con: Senator Finney: I am conning the project of the mobile order system. As a previous senator said, we are basing these statistics off of other universities. Only 20% of students use it on those campuses, so I don’t know how effective it will be at Clemson. Who is to say that by implementing this project we won’t have to hire more staff in the dining halls and increase funding there?
  • Pro: Senator Bynum: I am in favor of the way the bill currently stands with mobile ordering. It is a great project which would have great potential to receive funding from the IT Student Advisory Boards or other funding boards, and therefore allocate our money to better projects we currently have.
  • Con: Motion: Senator Tiffin: move to make a hostile amendment to change the Bracket Hall Flags project to $3,000 and increase the Abraham Memorial project to $5,000 and increase MHP to $44,645.
  • Motion does fail
  • Pro: Senator Billbrough: We are still not changing these numbers much, so we are clearly reaching an agreement with the current bill.
  • POI: Senator Wood: How much of the funds is currently not spent? Secretary Kibler: $18,135. Around $24,000 was not spent last year.
  • Con: Motion: Senator Cooney: move to call SB34 into question
  • Last Rights: Secretary Kibler: let’s pass this!
  • SB34 does pass


  • Secretary Kibler: great work tonight everyone! We finished much earlier tonight than in previous years. Remember to be respectful when others speak, especially next week during elections, which will be an even longer night than tonight. Make sure you keep in mind that everyone else is dedicating their time to the senate just as you are, so respect them and their time.
  • Senator Wood: I was very angry last year after Capital Improvement. It took me a very long time to come to terms with the fact that the senate has a lot of money to allocate and we didn't allocate it how I wanted. I am not trying to tell you that you will be happy eventually, but if you are unhappy with the results tonight, remember that is in the past and we will make bigger strides in the future.
  • Senator Bynum: Remember we worked on this as a team. Even if things didn't go exactly as you planned, remember that we worked together to achieve this. If you were not satisfied, feel free to continue working on these projects by reaching out to other boards to get involved or reach out to the project creators to work with them on the projects further.
  • Senator Vazquez: Army ROTC is doing cleanup with the goal of getting 3000 gallons of trash removed. This is a partnership with other organizations and the lieutenant governor’s office. I can get you guys in contact with the respective people to help with this project. If you are interested, reach out to be at 803-429-1742
  • Roll Call: Missing Senator Strickland, Catoe, Adams, Wolfe, and Sconyers
  • Senator Innocenti: Internal senate elections are next week! Abby and I will post stuff on the canvas page for any announcements regarding elections.
  • Senator Rogers: If you are a freshman and looking for leadership opportunities, definitely apply for the Chapman scholarship!
  • Motion: Senator Mazzeo: move to adjourn
  • Adjournment at 11:27 PM