The Divine: A play for sarah bernhardt By, Elizabeth Martin

Spatial Experience

Going to see The Divine was the only time I had ever been into the Constans Theater. The whole place was beautiful! When I got there, less than half the seats were filled but the theater got very full very quickly. I had a very good view of the stage from my seat and I was sitting on the aisle my view was uninterrupted. When the lights dimmed everything got silent, it was like everyone was anticipating the start of the play and wondering what would happen.

This picture shows the view of the stage from my seat before the start of the performance.

the social experience

Before the play I had been at the gym with a few friends so I had to go back to my dorm, shower and get dressed pretty quickly so I wasn't late. I wasn't quite sure what one was supposed to wear to a play, but it said to dress nicely so I went to the back of my closet and dug up a dress. I went to see the play by myself but there were a few people in front of me in line who were also by themselves so we all photographed each other and ended up sitting close by. Having shared experiences gives the whole student body something that we all have in common. Yes, different semesters they go see different plays but the themes are all similar, it's a common experience for all of us to gather around and appreciate.

The photograph shows me in front of the Constans Theater before the play.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

I think one of the main social issues that was addressed in the play was the terrible working conditions of the factories. Even though the play was staged to be in Canada, the working conditions depicted in the play were the same all over the world during that time. I really like European History so I had some background information going into this but it was still very interesting to see it played out in a visual way. My grandmother worked in a clothing factory for 40 years and although the working conditions were a hundred times better in the 1960's than at the turn of the century, they still weren't great. Even today there are places where people aren't safe going to work everyday.

This picture shows the program booklet we were given before the play.

The Emotional Experience

The play shows terrible things happening to everyday people. It was portrayed to the public as something serious, something most wealthy people had no idea was going on. It was a way to let the truths be known to the public. Seeing it in the theater makes people who are watching realize what it looks like to others. Watching this play opens people's eyes to something they thought they understood but now they see it for what it really is. It gives people a chance to change, to grow. The theater has always, and probably will always, be a place for viewers to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

This picture shows a painting I saw in the Constans that I really liked.
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